Donald J Trump for a House Seat in Florida in 2022?

Steve Bannon floated the idea that Donald Trump run for House in Florida in 2022 and try to win the Speaker Gavel.

Wayne Allyn Root proposed the idea to Trump and he thought “that was interesting.”

From that position, he could wipe Biden out, and then run for President in 2024. He could start investigations, and even lead an impeachment of Biden.

Why not?


i’d laugh for days


democrats and corrupt doj gangsters will make sure he can’t run again

What’s the deal with love this guy gets from Republicans?

He was never a conservative, never pulled himself up by his bootstraps, dodged the draft, was a one term twice impeached President, under his watch the Republicans lost the House Senate & White House, the Capitol was stormed under his watch, admitted to intentionally downplaying a disease that killed hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens… I mean, I can go on and on, yet the Republican party thinks this guy can do no wrong.

I hope he runs for office again. Any office. I really do. I’ll be laughing the entire time.


He makes “Libs heads explode”…Thats all that matters to the CEC era Cons.


That would definitely be hilarious, but also pretty effective. lol


Trumps ego won’t allow him to be “just” a house rep.


I think this is a good point.

Don’t see Trump doing this at all.

He isn’t running in 2024 either. Been there done that better than any in 50 years.

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have to agree

I don’t know, other people have suggested that he run for Senate but he said this idea might be better.

Trump can retire as champion thanks to the blunders of Xiden.

Just watch what inflation is about to do.

It would be interesting for sure. Imagine Trump with a gavel, turning the House upside down. :rofl:

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I didn’t intend for this to be a love thread. LOL

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yes. he represents everything government and leftwad media hates.


Me too but for different reasons.

Because this is what passes for governing from today’s right wing… ■■■■ posting and nihilism.


America First.

Biden forgot his cheap Chinese knockoff slogan.
build back better…from China.

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Ohhh. Nihilism…stinger.

If anything, it would put a lot of eyes on the congresscritters. lol


Is your idea of governing where the ‘government’ has their nose in every facet of our lives? That’s not even good parenting. Good parenting is allowing your children to be independent and develop their own personality.

I wish him success.

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