Don Blankenship for Senate

‘Enough with cocaine Mitch and his aiding and abetting of all these Chinapeople!’

Good to see lessons were learned from the whole Roy Moore thing.

Bet he wins.

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For those not in the know, Blankenship went to prison for a year, as he was found criminally responsible for the deaths of some miners.

But a criminal record aint holding him back none, I see Grimm is doing fairly well in his run as well.

Nothing matters anymore! :grin:.

Okay. As I think the GOP is totally disowning this guy, I’ll give them some leeway.

I saw this awesome ad and thought we might have a genuinely bipartisan (if darkly comic) laugh here about.

And “Cocaine Mitch” is genius.

Wait a min, He did his time so shouldn’t he have been forgiven for his crimes?
I mean DC Elected a Druggie, Bridgeport CT elected a Embezzler

I don’t like this guy personally either.
But I thought we are to forgive people and give them a chance again after doing time or does that only apply to Liberal criminals?

“Cocaine Mitch” is a pretty good indication of his relationship with the GOP establishment :grin:

But that’s part of the new formula. Be nasty, and run against McConnell et al.

Mini-Trumps all over the place, it’s been interesting to watch the loyalty matches play out as well.

Did I say any of that? :thinking:.

I believe Blankenship has those two beat, mind. Given that he’s responsible for deaths.

Does giving someone a second chance mean electing them to public office?

I mean usually those preaching the idea of second chances are talking about people having done their time and repented. Blankenship claims he was sent to jail on Trumped up charges by “Obama DoJ”.

That is up to the people that he would represent to decide if they forgive him or want him.
Of course he still denies he is responsible.
I assume you believe the Jury was Correct in his case right? That they couldn’t have made a mistake right?

You were trying to imply that he is an ex-con and that is why you shouldn’t vote for him.
The fact Democrats voted for Criminals and even a guy who killed a woman (Kennedy)

Was I?

I’d happily vote for an ex-convict, depending on the crime.

Though it’s generally been a dis qualifier in years past, or at least I can’t remember an ex-con Senator off the top of my head.

Would you vote for Blankenship?

Love how the ad has Pro-Life. Seeing he was convicted of safety violations in his mines, I’d venture to say, he’s not pro life for people actually born. He’s scum. Doubt he wins the nomination though.

He was trailing a bit before the debates, I think the general sense was that he handled them fairly well however.

And there’s sod all polling available.

I realize this is and all; you can start arguments with anyone you want at any time. That doesn’t mean you have to do it every time. Yeah, I know punching liberals is fun and all, but that doesn’t mean it has to be done every single second of the day. :slight_smile:

Would you vote for Blankenship?

Nope because i don’t like him. I don’t like his attitude and just something off about him.

Not because he is an Ex-con.

Sounds like you’ve explored this in detail.

The mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and spouses of the people that died in his mines with safety violations probably never will

Worked for Ted Kennedy, didn’t it?

If you were a coal miner, would you like the prospect of going to work in one of his mines?

I didn’t like being on the road the same time as Ted Kennedy, but the liberals hold him up as an icon.

man, comparing this guy to Ted Kennedy. i bet that works and Republicans vote for him. they’ve never had a problem with Ted Kennedy.

Democrats never had a problem with Ted Kennedy. They kept electing him. I do have a problem with this guy.

This guy is gonna get a ton of votes and may win.

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