DOJ: If Watergate Happened Today, We’d Block Evidence From Congress

I posted this elsewhere, but felt it was worthy of its own the thread.

The DoJ is refusing to give the non-redacted Mueller report to Congress. They admit that if Watergate were to have happened today, they would not give Congress the Watergate evidence (the so-called “Watergate road map”) it did in the 70s. If that doesn’t make your skin crawl, I don’t know what would.

The DOJ’s position also implies that the Watergate impeachment should not have happened, or at the very least that Congress should not have had access to the critical grand jury evidence that provided it with the “road map” to conduct that impeachment.

After lengthy and critical questioning of both sides, Howell finally got down to the nub of the issue. She asked DOJ attorney Elizabeth Shapiro if the government believes Sirica’s ruling to release the Watergate evidence was “wrongly decided.”

“If that case came today a different result would be obtained,” Shapiro responded. “If that same situation would be presented today, we would not be able to do the same thing.”

“Wow, OK,” Howell responded in apparent astonishment. “As I said, the department is taking extraordinary positions in this case.”

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Gee, lawyers doing what lawyers do. Shocking!

Well, do you agree with Trump’s lawyers?

Rush has literally been saying for the past year that Nixon never should have resigned. Literally the shorthand we use for “President ending scandals” is trying to be rehabilitated by Republicans.


The basis of some legal arguments coming from this administration seem sub standard for the office.

I think “Watergate was a witch hunt!” should be the new “build that wall”.

It’s a good slogan.

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I agree with fighting the partisan BS every legal way it can be fought.

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So, in your opinion the whole Watergate thing was unfounded and illegal and Nixon should have never resigned?

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Here, let me fix that for you.

Gee, Republicans doing what Republicans do. Shocking!

When the Obama administration was being investigated over Benghazi, they didn’t repeatedly block evidence from Congress and refuse to send people to testify. No, they tolerated the dozen or so investigations even though they were obviously political in nature and Hillary Clinton spent 11 hours being questioned in a Republican controlled House committee that found jack squat.

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Now, now. That’s not what I asked.

I know your primary purpose is to beat the libs - but I’m asking you if you agree that United States v. Nixon was wrongly decided.

The Impeachment of Nixon was a bi partisan effort.

That’s a completely load of crap, it took years for the DoS alone to produce the subpoenaed documents.

I didn’t comment on the case.

Are you going to answer the question or keep deflecting? Was the Nixon impeachment unfounded and illegal, therefore should not have happened?

I’ve made no such statement.

It only became bipartisan after the Court intervened, and Congress heard the tapes.

Had the Court ruled differently, as Trump’s lawyers have claimed was correct, Nixon would have almost certainly served out his term.

Are we now redoing the Nixon resignation? Perhaps it would be appropriate to have a history section to the forum?


Maybe, maybe not. We know that it began with a crime and that once the evidence of the crime and Nixon orchestrating the coverup there was a bipartisan call for his impeachment.

Watergate was spitting on the sidewalk compared to the Hillary-Russia connection in the DNC started and FBI lead witch hunt, and now the multi billion dollar Biden family corruption.

Blues in D and keep up with Dems upping the ante people…

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