DOJ creates special unit to target ‘domestic terrorism’

You can’t DELEGATE to a different branch of government.


I love it when Cons inadvertently reveal that they don’t really know how our government works👍

Saying and doing are two different things, he would have never gotten. near them most likely.

Has nothing to do with how the government works. It has to do with the meaning of the word “delegate” in the English language.

And you keep doing it. Awesome!:laughing:

sure you can.

Congress delegated Control over DC to the local branch of government.

Republican only took issue with the voting rules AFTER people voted.
not in the months leading up to the election.

they were stopped because you can’t punish people for voting in good faith.

You guys seriously need to stop assuming we get our information from a TV Man. Just because we believe the Earth is round doesn’t mean we are uninformed.


its proof they’re targeting parents who object to crt curriculum


They are targeting parents to threaten to kill school officials.

They are not. If they were there would be a lot more arrests since protests at school boards over CRT have been happening all over the country.

If they were going after “opponents of Biden, democrats, CRT, government overreach & government corruption” it would be obvious because we’d see it happening. There are a lot of “opponents of Biden, democrats, CRT, government overreach & government corruption” out there.

That’s not true.

That’s not true either.

You might have a point … if you didn’t believe that women can have penises and men can have babies.


You are Canadian, right? Canadian law is more strict than that.

Tell that to the parents who threatened nobody but still was targets.

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Coming from somebody who never once questioned it until he lost, this is just so pretty

Whom did this happen to?

Oh we know where you guys are getting your misinformation. CNN, MsNBC, Wahpo, NY times, and oh yes the alphabet networks.

Most of those guys wouldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

Plus they don’t even report anything bad for the dem party hardly ever. Omission of news is about as bad as outright lies.

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All of those are corporate media. Their motive is is to make money, for their corporate shareholders. (see CBS CEO comments on covering Trump).

There is no left version of FOX news, or OAN, or Think tanks, or 1000’s of radio stations promoting the RW narrative.

This myth that today’s media is liberal, and/or caters to the “left” is a fantasy.