DOJ creates special unit to target ‘domestic terrorism’

Yup! An anti-Conservative task force to put opponents of Biden, democrats, CRT, government overreach & government corruption.

Conservatives get with the leftist program or be prosecuted.


Next up: Jade Helm, FEMA camps in abandoned Wal Marts, Obama’s secret Affordable Care Act army.

At long last, it’s finally coming together.


When officials in government starts prosecuting their fellow citizens for their political beliefs violence is soon to follow.


Sweet! A new conspiracy theory for the new year!


Is that the new default talking point?


Default starting point with the thread.

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No, there’s nothing new here.

Not sure what else to call it when the OP presents a theory that there’s a conspiracy to use a domestic terrorist unit to go after “opponents of Biden, democrats, CRT, government overreach & government corruption.”

At this point, is it really conspiracy theory though?

More accurately, it is just standard conservative boilerplate.


its called truth


Education Secretary Miguel Cardona is facing calls to resign after it was revealed Tuesday that, according to a National School Boards Association official, he had solicited the controversial letter from the NSBA last year that compared protesting parents to domestic terrorists.

The NSBA’s Oct. 22 letter, which it has since apologized for, called for federal action to address hostilities toward school boards as possible acts of “domestic terrorism” and suggested using the Patriot Act against parents.

How many here in Hannity Land conclude that this is no big deal?


Well, I will agree that it is a deal

I am not going to agree that it is the four alarm, 5th horse of the apocalypse that ya’ll are fixin’ to spin up.

Not conspiracy theory. No.

Conspiracy roll-out… next phase.

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Lol you guys are the same people who were cheering when federal cops with no badge or markings were throwing protesters into unmarked vans and holding them without charges, right?


Since I have no idea what you’re talking about…I’m going with a “no”.

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From the article in the OP…

“While there is no specific federal domestic terrorism statute, the federal government defines domestic terrorism as criminal acts dangerous to human life that appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce civilians or the policy of a government. It can also use other criminal charges when pursuing domestic terrorists.”

Sounds like Antifa and BLM Circa 2020 to me…

Bet that’s not who they’ll be going after!


Lol at Republicans calling for Cabinet secretaries to step down because of conflicts.

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Never fear.

It will be used against leftist enemies of the State in due time.

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Crossfire hurricane, dossier, 50 “intelligence” operatives signing a statement that Hunters emails was Russian interference


You sure about that? You super sure?

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