Doing "Something" About "Racism" in this Country

Ok, we have rioted, looted, burned and protested for a couple of weeks. Stated purpose was originally police brutality directed at black males.

It seems to have expanded to “racism” in general; not a bad thing (not making a value judgment).

Now we have government and corporate America listening and in many cases acting. Apologizing.

Police officers are being charged with murder. Insensitive labels and statues are coming down. CEOs are admitting guilt.

Mention was made of “concrete next steps”. Good idea. What would some examples be, why and what should trigger them to start?

What do we feel the end result will be? What is the vision?

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Maybe some Civics classes would help. Too many people don’t understand the rights they do have, and think they have too many rights that they don’t actually have.


Good start.

How about a central government censorship board to approve all proposed images for advertising of private sector products? Like the FCC does for television and radio?

A sensitivity check type of thing.

Not with a 10-foot pole?

I wonder how many people know white males are now a minority in the US?

I’m a cultural minority. 82.7% of the total [U.S.] population [are] living in urban areas, as defined by the country. I live in a moderately rural area. We share basic everyday similarities with urban people, but our lives are as different as it gets.

A really thorough history lesson on not only the black experience in America, but the entire diaspora (Africa, South America and the Caribbean) and the starting point should not be slavery in this country. Real talk, a lot of folks from my community could benefit from this too because we don’t know enough about ourselves either.

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Ok! Good! So what are the logistics for this history lesson? Are you talking about some type of mandatory training or what? We have 350M people in this country. Who teaches it and how?

And what do you foresee this changing as far as racism in the US?

I’d love to participate.

As am I and in more ways than one.

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I really like that idea. Some middle/high school classes would go a long way.

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Not one person can tell our story. Maybe there should be a national curriculum for grade school…I really don’t know.
However, outside of the classroom there are resources everywhere.
These resources was available to me and these resources are available to all of us including you. The thing is people have to be willing to read and think.

Besides my parents, my pastor from the church I grew up in, all my black studies teachers and many others who drop quite a few historical gems all through grade school and college reading for yourself and seeking was my biggest benefit. My starting point and the 2nd book (the bible being the 1st) my parents gave me was the, “The Miseducation of the Negro”, then from there it was “The Came Before Columbus”, “Destruction of Black Civilization”, “Invisible Man”, and on and on and on.


So we are already up against logistics.

Thanks for the book recommendations, I’ll check them out.

Tell me something, given that I have limited resources, why should I be interested in your story? Do you think those history teachers have my story right?

I know my question sounds a bit harsh, but I don’t intend it to be.

How does your story benefit me?

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I’m interested in this as well. I was told I need to shut up and listen in another thread.

And you should.

Y’all know whose ancestors I’m interested in learning about? Mine. Weird, right? :man_shrugging:


But not you? You don’t need to listen to anything?


and now juneteenth

do this!

it is a fascinating journey.

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I really need to do some more digging on mine. Both my grandfathers fought in WWII and my uncle was in Vietnam. I don’t know much past my grandparents. It would be a fascinating experience.


there IS a curriculum. it’s called history class