Does Uncle Joe stand a chance?

I think that Joe could possibly challenge Trump in the general election. But the primary will be tough for two reasons.

  1. He’s is part of the most despised demographic of the progressives. Old or middle aged white men are not in demand. He doesn’t look like someone that they value.

  2. He doesn’t hate enough. He occasionally treats republicans as if they are actual human beings. The way politics used to be done. This is a mortal sin and he will need to be nastier if he wants to stand a chance. To get the nomination, a democrat must make no distinction between a republican and the Waffen SS. They need to be treated with equal contempt.

Rather than change to please the haters, Joe should keep his dignity and retire.


Biden/Harris. Hard to beat. Biden, 1 term. Harris 2 more.

I can tell you if it is Biden vs. Trump, I may very well vote for a democrat as president for the first time in my life.

Pre - Trump, I would have never considered voting for a democrat.

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What are two or three Trump policies that need to be reversed and replaced with democratic ones?

We’re all capable of seeing all the Republican Media, where Republican politicians never treat Democrats as people, only as a group to be hated.

That would be a formidable ticket. But as I said, Joe will have to change in order to get the nomination. He can’t change is age or his race. So there’s that.

What’s that have to do with Biden? Do you think that being and older white male and usually well mannered will help or hurt?

This is one time I would be voting more for moving towards maturity in the White House, as well as a thoughtful decision making process over policy. I may not like Biden’s policies much, but it would give the nation time to heal and get itself back on a track where reason could prevail over impulsive irresponsible behavior.

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The base of the party is craving progressive policies that the current leaders have not necessarily embraced. That reluctance does seem to be more of a generational thing. That is the issue far more than being an “older white male”.

They would still vote for Biden in a heartbeat over Trump. Joe is a great guy who has actually known hardship in his life and can therefore relate to people. With him, the empathy isn’t just for show.

So you would be okay with rolling back the tax cuts and regulation reductions that set the economy on fire?

The economy was already on the right track, and is growing about the same rate as it was under the later Obama years, so yes - I’d be fine with that.

Even if the economy does suffer a bit, I’m willing to sacrifice for the good of the nation.

He’s about the same age and race as Trump. But in the primary, you are right. I think running mate selection will be key.

In what ways has the economy dramatically improved since the tax cuts?


The economy is not on fire, it’s exactly the same as under Obama. The national debt is on fire though, and the trade imbalance has greatly widened.


And Trump’s slashing of environmental protection regulations is horrifying. And then there’s his toadying up to murderous dictators while shunning our traditional friends. And then there’s that stupid wall that Mexico isn’t paying for.

Running mate selection comes after the primary. It will have no effect on the nomination what so ever.

Yes they would, its good for the nation don’t you know! :roll_eyes:

Who needs more jobs then applicants. Who needs lower taxes, better trade deals, and a prosperous and strong United States economy and military

No nation sovereignty, open borders, sanctuary states and cities for illegals and the Green Deal, and don’t forget infanticide, no gun background checks for illegals, all of that and more is the socialist Democrat “ticket” using the Venezuela model!

Example? What tragedies can be directly attributed to the trump EPA and why are they not being exploited by the left?

Nobody cares. I use the past 50 years of inaction to prove it. Politicians only complain when the opposition is in charge. They love to complain. Nothing more. They don’t care. It’s a hoax. Don’t fall for it.

I’m hoping for an early deal.