Does the American Flag trigger the left?

Apparently Virginia officials seems to think so. A subcontractor on large construction site put up a large flag for 4th of July celebration. The flag was put up with permission of general contractor.

So is this hat our country has become. It’s OK to burn the flag but don’t display it? Seriously libs?

Also I want to ask libs here…do you support mob rule that we are witnessing?

Link is here.

Any objective person can easily see that there is a component of the left that hates America and is rejoicing at seeing it burn.


We seem to be splitting into two countries, not by location, North, South, East or West, but by vision. To part of the country, the flag and history are respected. To the other part of the country it is time to reject our history and ancestors, reveal them for the villains they see them as, and enter a new era of social justice…using their definition of social justice of course.
Much of the media…WashPo, NYTs and their followers. are all for rejecting our past…statues, national anthems, revered Presidents to enter a new world of what they see as social justice. Spitting on the flag is acceptable as a method of changing group think.
The other part says no thank you, we can change things that are wrong through traditional methods of change but we do not throw out the 200+ years of our history.
Thus half the country thinks the President made a good speech at a revered monument and the other half thinks he made a hate speech at a symbol of white supremacy.


The problem is one America allows ■■■■■■■■ to be ■■■■■■■■ while the other part ■■■■■■■■ want to silent other part of Americans and restrict their freedoms. :wink:

Based on the first paragraph it looks like capitulation by city officials giving in to the mob & whether those officials or R’s or D’s they’re cowards and are part of the anti-American problem in the country today.

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Those city officials are a disgrace.

If the protesters/anarchists want to cause trouble then lock their arses up rather than bowing to their unpatriotic demands.

This is all on obama.

No president has ever hated America and Americans like that idiot. They’re just emulating and missing their messiah.

Nothing to see here.

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That’s true but this old timer will not be silenced by the likes of them.

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Can’t make this up. :joy_cat:


That Obama was an instigator/divider is beyond dispute.

Alinsky/Sharpton style.

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That’s why I say break the Republic up into 11 new republics with a common military, free trade, and a universal bill of rights that each republic would swear to uphold in their own constitutions.

Everything else would be left up to the individual republics.

Universal bill of rights? We can’t even get authoritarians to agree we what we have now.

And even if they did…for how long? They wpuld be imposing themselves before the ink is dry.

You’re right. Same thing happened with the US Constitution. The various political forces of the states and the federal government started infringing on the rights of Americans as soon as the ink dried on the constitution. Especially the blasted Federalists.

Maybe it’s just an unavoidable failing of government.

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Is it the ones who celebrate and fight for the statues of traitors who wanted to destroy and burn America?

Haha so much for that post made a few weeks ago. RIP

The odd thing about this statement is:

That’s how it was always supposed to be till we citizens got complacent.

The first generation of political leadership reneged on the deal. The other half was the people allowing it to happen.

We had a proper federal republic for about five minutes before snakes like Hamilton (and to a lesser extent Adams) started to lust for power and control.

For an ideology that’s embraced trolling with an almost religious fervor, you’d honestly think you’d get that leftists have been trolling y’all with this for sixty years.

We did that and it was a disaster, which is why we have a more centralized government now.

Also you’re basically describing the European Union, which conservatives usually hate with a passion.

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I have no issue with the European Union. I actually admire it.

I think they’re running into the same problem we have had. Namely a few people in positions of power assuming responsibilities they aren’t supposed to have.

The only real issue with the articles of confederation was that it did not allow the federal government to levy taxes on the states. The states had volunteer tax money. So the Fed was broke and couldn’t even perform the duties that were delegated to it by the articles itself.

Fix that issue, include some sort of interstate commerce clause (but not one like what we ended up with; it’s been abused to death), and delegate authority for national defense and it could have been a successful form of government.