Does Harris having a great-great-great grandfather being a slave owner raise any concerns?

Take a look at this article defending Biden’s VP pick:

I for one don’t buy into disqualifying candidates from consideration just because they had ancestry that included being law abiding (at the time) slave owners.

How about you?

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seeing how the only way for her to have a slave owner ancestor was for said ancestor to likely rape one of his slaves (Slaves are property consent wasn’t required) I don’t think Republican really wanna go with this attack unless you really want to make her more popular with Black and Female voters.

Also there is no proof her ancestor was a Slave owner its a story her father would tell.


Hey they dropped MeToo to support Biden. Anything is possible.

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I for one don’t buy into disqualifying candidates from consideration just because they had ancestry that included being law abiding (at the time) slave owners.

How about you?

Then why start a thread about it?

This is a truly ignorant line of attack and truly worthy of contempt.


How on Earth is that a reflection on her?

A lot of black Americans are descended from slave owners.

Rape of slaves to make babies was a common occurrence.


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This, from your article, sums up the correct take.

Racism isn’t just hating people with a different skin color. It’s also being willfully ignorant of racial history and using a person’s skin color to spin a narrative that paints them in a negative light. Trying to make Harris look bad by pointing out her enslaver ancestry—as if a Black person with such ancestry is somehow hypocritical—betrays a woeful lack of historical understanding and a gross desire to use her race as a weapon.


Should be /thread. Doubt it though.

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She must have ingrained slave-owner privilege, surely? Or maybe all white people shouldn’t be labelled with white privilege?

In large part, this forum allows us all an opportunity to:

  1. Express our views; and
  2. More importantly post up little known facts about our history that often are not commonly known by the general public.

My purpose of starting this thread was more to the latter.

Especially in the past few months much of the reports frequently reveal a narrative that implicates in large part people of white origin being slave owners.

However, these same reports typically omit “certain” facts that often cast doubt (gas light) people.

On, according to historian R. Halliburton Jr.:

There were approximately 319,599 free blacks in the United States in 1830. Approximately 13.7 per cent of the total black population was free. A significant number of these free blacks were the owners of slaves. The census of 1830 lists 3,775 free Negroes who owned a total of 12,760 slaves.

Then according to an August 2017 article: “…In the big picture, the 1860 Census counted a total of 31,443,321 people, of which 3,953,760 were slaves. So slaves accounted for 12.6 percent of the national population”.

The piece also goes on to clarify if that the same Census they included slaves and children from many states who had already outlawed slavery by 1860. Using state by state census data to research a book called- 1861: The Civil War Awakening authored by Adam Goodheart who calculated 4.9% of people in the slave holding states owned slaves (19.9% of family units overall and 24.9% of those same households owned slaves).

And then more research in that same article, mentioned at least some experts believed in 1860 that as many 3,000 blacks owned a total of 20,000 slaves that same year, although this same Institute piece was unable to find hard data to debunk – or support – this figure.

To me these statistics are noteworthy for us all to digest, in better understanding a more complete story-our history here.

Opening up a thread mentioning Kamala Harris ancestry is relevant here because she will most certainly be vetted no different than any other POTUS/VP candidate has and will be going forward too.

So again, I ask others to react and share their thoughts.

My thought is that attacking a Black woman of Jamaican heritage for having a slave owning ancestor in the past is one of the stupidest attacks that could be made.

So please… GOP… do it.


If this ain’t the dumbest ■■■■ I ever heard. How do you think a slave master ends up ■■■■■■■ one of his slaves? A nice candlelit dinner?


Is there a statue that should be torn down? How about cancelling all Jamaican sugar products? Harris should be publicly rebuked for her ancestry to slave owners and be forced to pay reparations! Isn’t Harris an advocate of reparations? Why isn’t the BLM cult at the request of “squad member” looney Pressley “continuing unrest in the streets” over this?
An outrage!

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The only way?

How is it a reflection on anyone living?

Is that what the article is doing? Defending her from what? Ignorance?

  • Kamala Harris is a natural born citizen

  • Kamala Harris is a Black American, whether she is ADOS or not

  • Kamala Harris is not responsible for the conduct of her antecedents any more than any of the rest of us

Those who insist on this narrative are no better than those on the left who focus on identity politics.

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You guys crack me up sometimes. The indigenous peoples of the Caribbean at the time of European contact were the Arawaks, Taino (Columbus’ Hispaniola pals), island Caribs (South American) and the Guanahatabey of western Cuba. None of these enslaved indigenous populations were Black Africans. Dark skinned, yes but unless Harris can prove through documentation of lineage or DNA analysis to an African slave, (purchased in Western Africa from Black African slave traders), and brought to Jamaica to be raped by “de Massa”, hers and others whose claims Harris is “Black” or African can legitimately be questioned. My fraternal grandparents are Italian immigrants; we have birth, death, marriage records from Italian repositories (that survived WWII), to prove it all. Through a DNA analysis we found out our “Italian” is of lesser percentage than “Ionian Greek”! Including 3% African and a percentage of Ashkenazi Jewish! Not surprising really considering migration, wars and conquest through the centuries in Europe. Yoi!
An FYI, most African slaves were brought to the Caribbean by the Spanish to Cuba to work in the gold mines. Another interesting saga.