Does Eugene Goodman deserve the Presidental Medal of Freedom?

Eugene was the hero of Jan 6th personal helping protect the Vice President and Senator Mitt Romney from harm, should he be award a honor for his good deeds?

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That guy is a stud. He did get promoted, which is nice, but a special accommodation like that certainly seems warranted.

He is being awarded the Congressional Gold Medal…
… Just sayin’.

Very good news!!!???-!!!

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Not sure has done more than Rush Limbaugh.

how about ellen degeneres?

He might not rise the caliber of past recipients like Devin Nunes but yes I feel he is worthy of the recognition.

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or joe biden?

Why is it that when a subject is posted somehow it goes awry? Weren’t we talking about Goodman?

How in the heck did Limbaugh, Ellen, Nunes, or Biden get into the conversation?

The Presidential Medal of Freedom has become a joke. He deserves better recognition than that farce of an award.

Yeah, like Joe Biden. You won’t find me saying that he deserved it

well maybe there’s hope for you yet! : )

Hmmm, he might have done more than her.

Previously shown footage of Officer Goodman shows the Black officer holding back dozens of mostly white rioters

Just look at this sheople food, attempting to divide the nation and using race to do it. Why do you choose to eat this nonsense? Why? It’s a choice? Why?

I said it on January 6th the day it happened that he did…I believe even more so now. He protected the capitol, and those inside…but more importantly he protected himself and came out of it alive…and that is something Police Officers have to do every day. This was a successful day for him. His training and intelligence suited him well. He led these people away from those in harms way and led them right into awaiting reinforcements as he did so.

And the Sheeple says Blaa, Blaa Blaa.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal are different awards.

I know, I was only referring the one. The same one given to Devin Nunes and Rush Limbaugh. IMO its now a complete joke

…along with the Nobel Peace Prize.

are you suggesting he doesn’t deserve it?