Does Eugene Goodman deserve the Presidental Medal of Freedom?

Would you mind elaborating on this? I can’t quite suss out your point

I dunno he did just did cop stuff when called upon.

Rather than discuss the topic of conversation, he’s decided to be fake-outraged by any mention of race.

At least that’s what I got from it.

So someone doing what they are trained to do now warrants a Congressional Medal??

So that essentially means anytime a cop does this, IE their job they deserve a medal?

Sorry, nope. He did his job, what he was trained to do. He got a promotion out of it which is perfectly fine, as he did his job well and earned the promotion.

The same argument can be made for pretty much every military decoration.

Considering awards such as the Bronze Medal is awarded to Officers for simply being in theater and not screwing up, I tend to agree.

In this case, did the Officer go above and beyond his sworn duty OR do what he is sworn to do and that is serve and protect which is exactly what he did…protect.

Why? Isn’t that his job?

I just knew that eventually you would say something that makes sense. :wink:

Schumer is proposing that he get the Gold Medal Of Honor which is the highest award that the Congress can give.

It pays to have friends in high places - and then save those friends from angry rioters.

This award seem more suited for him.

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That one always was. Since its founding.

Of course.

Alfred Nobel was an arms dealer, who coincidentally also invented dynamite.


Race is only mentioned when perpetuating the media’s agenda…which corroborates with the Democrat agenda…which is constantly being fed and that…is racism.

I see