Does anyone find it odd

That we let/allowed more people in this country then jobs created last month?

Chew on that libs.


There are lots of jobs going unfilled

Based on what data?

i find every disaster the democrats perpetrate “odd” but i dont hate america


Hare hare !

It would be odd if it weren’t intentional. :man_shrugging:


will the salaries of new employees be raised as quickly as the inflating cost of living?

too much utopia

Somebody’s got to take all those low paying service/day care jobs that remain unfilled.

No…inflation has outpaced wage growth and guess what, libs want 3.5 trillion more.

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Your link, please?

There are jobs in this neck of the woods that simply are not being filled. That seems common since pre-pandemic:

Actually immigrants fill a variety of jobs:

As a rule, though, they’re not usually among those who refuse work because of odd day or hour schedules, low wages or hazardous duties.

Well the Yahoo news headline says.

America’s unemployed are sending a message: They’ll go back to work when they feel safe - and well compensated

But they’re allowing 100s of thousands illegals in?


“COVID19 infected”


Some of them yes.

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tens of thousands

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America’s unemployed are kicking thenselves in the teeth, then, by voluntarily not working. Social Security is calculated for an average of 30 years employment.

An aunt who had stayed at home since the birth of her first child in the 1960s inquired as to how much she could get in Social Security to be told $0.00.

These fools most likely aren’t drawing Unemployment as that isn’t to be collected if they refuse to return to work, so most likely they’re learning to get by on less. ■■■■■■■ fools are too lazy to do a little research to discover that retired is the most common occupation of those hospitalized & dying from COVID-19. Can’t say I give a damn if immigrants—legal or otherwise—work these jobs.

Native borns have put themselves in an untenable position with this laziness. Here’s the actual origin of the Delta variant:

host Dana Bash asked Dr. Anthony Fauci


Young Americans who refuse to return to work until they “feel safe”, God, what a retarded saying, are putting themselves at a disadvantage in particular. Here is a Chinese study of patients hospitalized with COVID-19:

That’s right. They tend to be male, over 50 and suffer from at least one comorbidity.

Here is one in the U S, which really isn’t that different:

We’re really not in a position to complain about immigrants with such nonsense at home like “not going back to work until I feel safe :sob:”. If they fill some of the jobs more sensitive souls decline, more power to ‘em!

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It’s not they are, it’s we are, and they are all not illegals, there are many asylum seekers among them and they are legally not entitled to employment.


What does one have to do with the other?

Migrants here illegally are not eligible to work. Asylum sealers are not eligible to work until they are granted asylum.

So what is the relevance to the number of jobs being left unfilled?

One thing that is hurting the job market - fewer legal migrant workers coming here on H1B visas due to travel restrictions related to Covid.