Does anyone believe that Open Borders could be a good thing? If not why?

Clearly there is much debate on the efficacy or harm from immigration. What I am curious about is that for those who are are more pro immigration and say for example do not view caravans of people pouring in to the US a concerning, would you be in favor of a truly open borders policy shift which would eliminate immigration agencies and immigration law and hence grant citizenship to anyone who comes here?

Here for example are a couple of articles which argue in favor of this position:

You can’t have a country, if you have open boarders.

Without a wall, terrorists, murderers, and rapists can come and go as they please.

Legal immigration IAW policy that benefits the US: good

Illegal immigration (and fake asylum):bad

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And guess who they would vote for.

Democrats don’t care either way. Since they have no morality, and sold this country out a long time ago, there is no level that they won’t stoop to, simply to win and get the votes.

They figure the more illegals they allow in, the more votes for them.

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Rapists, Murderers, and Terrorists for Democrats in the Mid-term Elections!!!

What is your view for the case these articles make?

Sadly, that pathetic point of view is still held by way to many Americans.

This is what we should be striving for at this point in our planet’s evolution. From the second article.

Gumdrops, rainbows, and happy faces.

You’d prefer Walls, guns and dead women and children?

I prefer my family safe… and living better with the fruits of my own labors over the years. I do not suffer from the illusion that the women and children or the thousands of MOSTLY MEN arriving from the south are my family.
It is a spiritual belief that would lead one to to think that… be it christianity or humanism. And I am thankful that my country is not a theocracy in which such beliefs are transferred into an action that will destroy the culture of this great country.

Why do you not go there and help them in their home?

The 3 most recent domestic terror attacks happens by white US citizens. Why are you scared of people outside your border? You should be scared of your neighbor.

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Ha…now the Indian is white. Lol

Then you should want more immigrants. Both legal and illegal immigrants commit violent crimes at a lower rate than US citizens.

Trying to deflect to my inability to go to their home and stop the violence they are fleeing from?

Would that I could.

Whatever happened to your humanity is what you should be worrying about though.

I’m not concerned about legal immigrants.
Illegals start on day one committing a crime. They dont commit crimes at a lower rate than citizens. You are obviously referring to REPORTED and solved crimes.

“Since 2010, Honduras has had one of the highest murder rates in the world.”

Go peddle your nonsense to other libs.

Their illegal border crossing has no impact on your family’s safety. Illegal immigrants commit violent crimes at a lower rate than US citizens. You pointing to Honduras’ crime rates is irrelevant.

You people made up the nonsense about illegals committing less crime. You have articles that mislead the reader when they spot such statistics. It’s like saying people from France dont speak French. Only you people are gullible enough to believe it.

“Since 2010, Honduras has had one of the highest murder rates in the world.”

Go peddle your nonsense to other libs.

You do know that the 9/11 hijackers didn’t come in from mexico right?

We could have our own Bangladesh right in this country. Vast spreads of huts made out of tin could be used to house children making cheap garments. Instead of talking about outrageous unskilled salaries of $10 or more, we could talk about enforcing a standard of 10 cents an hour…or per 10 shirts.
It will be wonderful.
Especially if you’re rich.