Does a partial re-opening even work?

It looks pretty sketchy to me. Non compliance is everywhere. People are packed into bars, no masks on airplanes, half assed mask wearing, pool parties at hotels, etc. It appears that people have had enough and are ready get back to their lives. Speaking of masks. Do they even work? How do they work when the majority of air you exhale goes right up and out the top of the mask? What’s the point?

Yes, masks work. Moving on.


They do help and it should have been the first thing that was told to the populace. That being said I just saw were Germany is back up to a transmission rate of 1.72 they had it under 1 before opening up and I am pretty sure they even enforce mask wearing in public with a hefty fine.

My argument isn’t against masks btw, just that it seems to still be spreading unfortunately.

People are talking about a second wave… we haven’t even gotten through the first one yet.

And we won’t because our leadership has taken a stance of haphazardly plowing through this and sacrifice lives for the sake of the economy and poll numbers.

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Worst part is tests are still showing between a 10-20% positive rate…which shows that even after months of this, our test and trace ability is so ■■■■■■ we are still in just random chance mode when we test people.

We don’t know where the pockets of illness are out there, and we don’t have the ability to find out.

And for a leading economic and scientific power, that is horrendously bad.


Good. Move on then. Good riddance.

I actually see quite a few people wearing masks out and about. There’s still quite a bit of social distancing happening to the extent that people who are able to telework aren’t back in the office, there aren’t concerts and sporting events with fans, conferences, etc…

The number of cases is spiking which is concerning; better news is number of deaths have drastically decreased. We may see that number catch up yet but it may be that a) virus has mutated to a weaker form as has been theorized by a few and b) people at risk are keeping themselves isolated and new cases are mostly among younger, healthier people:

If you’re younger than 60, have no underlying conditions and don’t live or hang out with anyone in a high risk group, I don’t see too big of a reason why you should restrict yourself at all.

My question was, does partial reopening work?

Not without a good test and trace policy in place.

Thank you. Then let’s stop fiddle farting around and open everything up.

Why don’t we get a good test and trace program in place instead? Then we can more through partial to full and know that we are containing the spread of a deadly disease.

Because millions of more lives will be destroyed. People can’t take this anymore. That’s why. And I can get tested today if I want to. I don’t want to.

But I’m glad we seem to agree that partial openings are a farce.

If we implement a good test and trace program, we can quickly open back up and everyone wins. Why are you against that?

I’m not. But partial reopenings are a farce. People don’t comply. We should be fully open. Partial does nothing. Masks don’t do much either. Most of the air blows right out of the top.

Take it up with your governor, Ohio has it.

What do we do when cases spike back to march levels in your plan of just opening things all the way back up?

We are pretty wide open locally other than theatres. We eat out 3 or 4 times a week now.

Restaurants are doing well with keeping folks a safe distance apart.

Sure thing.

Is that a crocheted mask she’s wearing?

Reminds me Billy Crystal’s ‘Fernando’s Hideaway’ character… “It is better to look good than to feel good”.