Do you think the deal the Right is making with trump is Faustian in nature?

The Adultry, the abortions and the child rape accusations. I just dont get the platform.

Do you think the deal the Right is making with trump is Faustian in nature?

I don’t recall those things being a part of the platform he ran on.

The Dem’s fake news really isn’t a factor.

Its who he is. Also a 5x3

this could be in “politics” as it is no less deranged than the typical trump derangement thread

a little less deranged than the FACE OF THE DRMOCRAT PARTY lol. thank you “aunt ester” Maxine Waters for belching out finally what it means to be a post 1996 democrat.

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Still doesn’t make it part of his platform. Now if he had come out and said ‘I’m an adulterer and if I’m elected I’ll male it possible for everyone to be an adulterer’, then that would have been part of his platform.

  1. Adultery, abortions and child rape accusations are not part of the Trump platform.
  2. The deal wasn’t being made with President Trump, but with the Republican Party.

The ol “Do as I say, not as I do line?”

Huh? we are obviously talking about different deals

You really have no clue what a political platform is.

I was hoping for something a little more than a semantics lesson however I understand it would be wrong to try and take any moral stand or defense. trumps a scumbag who made a deal withbthe devil and I guarantee you in the end the spoils won’t be worth the war

I haven’t heard this analogy, but it seems spot on. They’ve definitely abandoned any semblance of beliefs they once held dear.

In the same way LBJ gave the South to the GOP when he signed the Civil Rights Act, I can see the GOP giving away their rule to the younger generations who will eventually vote and be office holders and will remember Trump.

Can you give us the specifics of “the deal”?

The terms, the conditions, the specific parties to “the deal”?

Fetch is never going to happen.

No. When President Trump was first about to jump into the ring it was with the Reform Party and the Religious Right stuck with the Republican candidate at the time. The only way Trump was going to secure that voter base was to reject his plans for a tax on the top 1% to eliminate the national debt, rail against his earlier ideas of universal healthcare, change his stance on abortion, and run as a Republican.

I would not go as far as selling their souls, but the silence and/or acceptance of his actions and not holding him accountable says a whole lot.

It’s not all, but I have seen many in the body of Christ act as the Church of Pergamos along with the the church of Ephesus and Sardis, 3 of the 7 churches in Revelation. Those 3 were the compromising Church, The Church that Lost its first love, and the Dead Church. With these 3 many lessons can be found,

  1. Letting Truth die
  2. Bearing fruit from truth from the seed place in good ground(see the parable of the 4 soils)
  3. Don’t succumb to false teaching or those that promote falsehoods
  4. Preach the gospel
  5. Stand for Truth
  6. Love truth
  7. Most importantly, LOVE EACH OTHER

I remember Evangelicals and the religious litmus test given during Bush vs. Gore, Bush vs. Kerry, Obama vs. McCain, Obama vs. Romney (despite him belonging to a cult), but when it came to Trump vs. Clinton, that test was one sided. With all the bad things that Mrs. Clinton has done in her life, she definitely should have been held accountable and raked over the coals. Unfortunately, for many in evangelical circles simply having an ® behind your name and against abortion (despite being for it less than a decade ago) was all that was needed for him to pass the test. Ignore the consistent lying, ignore the slander, ignore all the terrible things coming from his mouth, ignore all those things. I remember all the doubts cast on former President Obama when he said he was saved and baptized as a illustration of obedience to Christ. For President Trump, all it took was the word from a teacher(Paula White) of a false gospel(prosperity gospel) to say that he was saved and baptized. Once again no test. Now for those who have been saved, we know how we acted when were new to the family. We were pressed to really act the part and felt terrible whenever we failed to do so. We beat ourselves up for every mess up. HOWEVER, if the President truly did go down Romans Road, the Holy Spirit should be dwelling in him. Once that happens you feel convicted, KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG. Does he ever feel convicted by the numerous lies told each and every day since he has been in office. Does he feel bad and pray for forgiveness each time he say terrible things about people. If the Holy Spirit is dwelling in him, why does he not even try to stop? To make matters worst many of our brothers and sisters in Christ defend the lies, defend the bad behavior, as if it is okay and permissible…even try to compare him to David. Look we’ve all made some mistakes, We have warts and thorns, we pray for forgiveness and work harder to be better. All we got is God, prayer and the Word, that is where our faith and reliance should be on, not a party, political ideology or a man.

I will stop short of saying Christian supporters of this man have sold their souls to satan, but I hope you at least feel a little bit of conviction.


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Oh my.

As if you have any concern whatsoever for the Christian right?

The Bible tells of the reign of a monarch that consisted of adultery, murder, assassinations, treason, rebellions, and lies. A man after God’s own heart, we are told. Yet not even President Trump can trump the sins and wrong-doings of this king, but all the same, he was part of God’s plan.

I find this truly fascinating