Do You Support Donald Trump?

Simple poll. Curious about the temperature of the forum as we start a brand spanking new year.

  • I voted for Trump, and I continue to support Trump
  • I voted for Trump, but now I no longer support Trump
  • I didn’t vote for Trump, and I do not support Trump
  • I didn’t vote for Trump, but now I support Trump

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I am already confused by some of the votes.

I couldn’t resist. Sorry.

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You are chaotic neutral. You had no choice but to select every choice.


Well, some folks here clearly support Trump. Some clearly don’t. I just wanted to get a sense for the proportions on each side.

I recall a conservative or two saying that they voted for Trump but now no longer support him.

I’ve never been ashamed of my vote.


Depending on the thread, they voted for trump

Define “support”.

Jack Sparrow!

Fascinating. Lol


If this poll is any indication, Trump is in deep trouble.

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Yep. That’s me.

Here’s a video that demonstrates what chaotic neutral is like.

Define “define.”

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I say, choose “support” if you agree with the majority of his positions and actions

Wow, this forum has been taken over. It’s funny that Sean Hannity is now the owner of a liberal message board.


Everything trump touches turns to ■■■■

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I wouldn’t very happy if my parents said that if I asked them whether they supported my marriage.


Do you support Hillary

Meh. I’ll be voting for him in 2020.