Do We, As US Citizens, Have A Right

To seek to make a living in a chosen profession?
I’m not asking if we have a right to a job in somebody else’s company, I think we can all agree that is stupid.

What I’m asking is, if I want to work on lawnmower engines or buy a tanning bed or set up a gym in my garage and train people to earn my living, do I have a right to do that?

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Yes you do. You can choose to be a mechanic. You can work for someone, or if you are good enough you can start your own. You can cut hair, do concrete work, do small engine repair whatever. You can do it for someone, or if you think your good enough and smart enough start your own business.

Simple answer is no you don’t. Your right to make a living doesn’t necessarily always not intrude on anothers rights as well. There is a hard to come by balance. Example. Say you have a nice home, on 10 acres. Someone buys the 10 acres next to yours and puts in an animal rendering plant. How would that effect you? How many other property owners would this also effect on the other three sides of the new plant on 10 acres, and how many bordering those as well.

Now you can convert that to small engine repair. The smell of solvents used to clean the engins, the traffic of people bringing items for your to repair/pick up. Delivery trucks. The noise of running the engine’s to test them.

It’s sometimes an imperfect balance, but local officials attempt to keep the balance to both the person who wants to run a business from their home, and the neighbors it effects.

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pursuit of happiness.

Should you? Yes.
Do you? No.

You don’t have the right to be a farmer and grow tobacco. You MUST have a government allotment. :sunglasses:

I will agree with the principle of “keep it on my side of the fence”, including air rights. Although zoning doesn’t prevents smells, sounds or pollution from crossing. But I’m a good neighbor.

So by what authority all these regulations and licenses used to threaten us with?

If I want to buy a tanning bed and put it in my garage and charge people to use it, buy what authority does the government control it?

Good example. What delegated authority allows that?

Under the same authority they are using to cripple the economy, the public health. But the real answer, industries lobby the government to erect barriers to competition.


You have to get the proper licenses, and your house would have to be properly zoned to run a business out of.

Why? So I don’t have a right?

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Does a neighbors pursuit of happiness trump (no pun intended) possibly multiple neighbors pursuit of happiness?

Good question. Collective vs. Individual

under the commerce clause having healthy looking tanned people could give your state an unfair advantage over the untanned unhealthy looking pallid people of the next state.

there are no group rights

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It’s not a group.

One invididuals “happiness” outweighs 4 other individuals “happiness”?

Then why the number 4?

On my property? I would think so.


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each of those four have exactly the same individual right. its not cumulative. to treat it as cumulative is to confer greater rights to a group than an individual. in measuring which outweighs, each of the 4’s right must be measured against the one, as individuals.

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I was going with 10 acre parcells. 10 acres in the middle and 4 neighbors abuting the property (with their own 10 acres of property as well. Techically it could be 8 due to 4 having “corners” with the other property.

In reality, a lot of cases it can be more than the 4. Here for example, a home occupation permit of a dog grooming business got called before the countil. All the residents on the street objected to A) the amount of traffic on their residential street. B) the wast water (with dog hair) beind dumped in the gutter and cloging up the storm drains C) the noise of the dogs that had been dropped off for the day barking while waiting their turn for grooming, then being picked up by owners after.

Did their right to “happiness” in running a business outweigh the happiness of all the others (12 total) on the block?

That’s what I thought courts are for…sue for damages. If their ■■■■ is flowing into your 10 acres sue em.

But if Sneak wants to put a woodshop on his ten acres who died and let someone else boss?