Do So Many Democrat Politicians Truely Believe In God?

There are much more Americans that believe in God than don’t.

My questions is very simple; If so many Democrat Politicians truly believe in Jesus Christ(like they want Americans to believe), then why are they the Party that supports so many non-believers in God?

Is that what God would want?

The question can be easily rephrased to something like, Isn’t the party that allows so many immigrants–many of whom are Christian–to pass through illegally, the party that shows the greater belief in Jesus Christ?

The better question may be, “Why do Democrats act the way they do?”

  • Absolute power corrupts and it corrupts absolutely.
  • Even at the molecular level, everyone and everything acts differently when being observed.
  • Praise can be used to manipulate.

Our Founding Fathers did not want the News Media (the observers) to be controlled by the government or any political party. Perhaps another thought should have occurred to them: Nor do we want the News Media to control the government or any political party. Has the News Media (and the powers behind the corporations) begun to control the government through control of one of our political parties?

Should we, the people, be turning on one of our political parties, or should we be turning on the news media?

Hell, no one can say for 100 percent certainty that the Pope believes in God none the less Democrats or Republicans. People lie. A lot. Even about religion.

Do you realize that you essentially contradicted yourself? First you noted that there are many more Americans who believe in God than don’t, which logically would mean that there are very few who don’t believe in God. But then you say why do they support so many people who don’t believe in God.

On a side note I can tell right now this will not be a very productive thread in the open forum. In the end only God knows what’s in each person’s heart.

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A couple thoughts…

Devil’s believe and tremble. I think that’s the problem we have. Believing, but not living like we believe. The Bible says fear of God is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom. There’s little fear in our society, even among those who profess belief.

I think most people are going to fear God too late…

If you are positing that most non-believers are Democrats and this means that Democrats are the party of non-believers, i will gladly grant this if you will apply the same metric to neo nazis and incel men’s rights rape fetishists who completely adore Donald J Trump.


If you’re referring to my post, I didn’t mention any party. I believe there are many ungodly, un-biblical ideas promoted and supported by the Democrat platform. However, I’m not saying that more Republicans are going to heaven than Democrats because of things they don’t support compared to Democrats. Christianity isn’t something you do or do not, it’s something you are or are not. I’m yalso saying that believing in, or professing a belief in the God of Christianity doesn’t necessarily make you a Christian either

So your god want’s you to fear him instead of love him.

Which god (s)?

Not fear in the horror movie boogie man sense, but reverence, awe, respect. We reduce God to our human standards and ascribe to him our human understanding. We think big him as one of us, so to speak. We refer to him with terms like “The big guy” or “the man upstairs.” He is a Holy God who loves us but hates our sin. We want to believe God is ok with our worldly life. We are called to from with that life, not continue in it. We have no fear of the wrath that he is going to bring on the unrepentant and so we live as if God isn’t real, even professing Christians.

Well then say reverence, awe, respect.

The word used in scripture many times is “fear”.

I’m referring to the OP.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

What confuses me more than anything, is why would a Political Party(Democrat Politicians), pretend to say that most of them are true believers of God, and yet support Millions of people who not only deny God, but Worship the Devil?

All politicians should be able to represent and support their particular district, state, or country. What is best for the area as a whole, not what is best for an individual or even an individual group. Politics is not about God, but about running a country and following the laws, procedures, and policies of that country.

If I were a politician and my district was about Devil Worship, I would run on a platform of returning people to God. Then, if in a Devil Worship area, I were elected then I would feel quite free to promote Godly values, not devilish ones.

The problem with that my friend, is that most politicians on both sides of the spectrum lie, and don’t even try to live up to what they run on.

They simply can be bought most of them for a price.

I think that is one of the most respectable things about Trump, and his voter base knows it! He actually tries to keep promises! , and he does. Nobody is perfect, and even Trump is going to keep all of his promises politically, but he’s done A LOT more than the average Politician in general.

Because that’s not happening.

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Don’t say that, you’ll ruin the fantasy.

Can you point to any place in the NT where God wants believers to persecute non-believers?