Do Joe Buck and Troy Aikman hate the military?

They got really triggered by a military flyover. And Troy seems confused. If I’m not mistaken, military flyovers count towards the hours that flight crews need to keep their qualifications. They are not a waste. Yet another reason I do not miss the NFL. 14 second video. Worth a look.

It is wasteful.

Probably why two conservatives criticized it.

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Not just the military, they hate freedom and America.

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Wasteful according to whom? Did those flight crews need those flying hours? Did you check with their unit?

BTW. Conservatives do not promote the Kamala, Biden ticket.

Two strikes. Wanna go for three?

The money for flyovers comes from the military’s training budget. Pilots need to stay proficient and rack up so many flight hours a year. Flyovers satisfy a training requirement and give the military a little good PR.

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A republic’s armed forces don’t need PR.

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It’s a recruiting tool. Just like the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds.

Do they need training flights?


Joe and Troy are cool…

Cooler than trump will ever be…

Fun to see “conservatives” triggered by them…

Are they cooler than a fighter pilot?

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I freakin’ doubt it.

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Joe Buck is a terrible football commentator, so I agree with anything negative spoken about him.



Depends on the service. The Air Force’s answer to Topgun.
High School kid flies F-16 Falcon in combat.
Totally plausible.


A republic with an all volunteer military certainly needs to maintain exposure.

An all volunteer military force depends on people volunteering for service.

So PR is warranted in these cases.

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Eh. It seems wasteful in a near empty stadium.

Tony Romo is head and shoulders above Joe Buck.

These virtuous types clamor for accolades by dissing anything that resembles patriotism.

Planes flying over a football game isn’t patriotism.


Nah. The armed services serve. If a republic cannot find enough disciplined, willing bodies to serve, without submitting to all the toxic, stupid ‘pr’, it has no business being a republic.

“That stuff ain’t happening with [the] Kamala-Biden ticket, I’ll tell you right now, partner,” Aikman said.

Wow…they’ve exposed themselves as libs. That’s gonna hurt their careers going forward. :sunglasses:

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