Do black teeth matter?

Maybe… maybe not.

But to be clear… it isn’t enough that I agree that he should not have been attacked and that the attacker should be caught and prosecuted… but I should be outraged because some corporate decision at a news organization doesn’t cover it like you think it should be covered?

I mean that is just kinda weird.

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So has riots and anti maskers.

Do I come here expecting everyone to ask why some news organizations aren’t covering the Hasidim rioting in Brooklyn over not wearing masks?

Local story.


The outlets that are covering this now would be silent, and the ones who are currently silent would be covering it. Both driven by their respective agendas.

Damn. Got punched by a dentist.

You don’t have to wonder. You know exactly what the coverage would be. I wonder why queen Nancy is silent to the racism happening in her district?

Damn. Got punched by a racist pig liberal.


It’s not clear if he actually showed up, but Enrique Tarrio was supposed to be one of the speakers there.

What do you think the purpose of this rally was?

Someone who takes teeth when they punch you is a dentist. It’s a rare skill.

What purpose would make it okay to call a black man the N word then knock his teeth out?


“Free Speech”

You sound impressed and approving. Maybe even a little giddy? You a fan of racial assaults?

The Proud Boy? Ran for Congress?

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You don’t have to wonder the coverage if things were reversed…
It’s happened often

Very seldomly is it news worthy enough to be breaking or major news.

You need more?


What difference does that make?

Yes, that one. The head Proud Boy.

Not really. It’s just rare these days that someone even knows how to throw a real punch, let alone one that’ll rearrange your bridgework.

Of color.

Does it matter?

He took MacInnes’s spot? Lol talk about an affirmative action hire.

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It’s seems that you are defending the actions of racist pigs. Why would that be?