Do black teeth matter?

Apparently not. Some racist pig Biden supporter thinks it’s okay to smack a black man in the mouth for the crime of disagreeing with BLM/ Antifa scum bags. Conservatives, stop cowering to these goons. After being shoved multiple times, he should have offered some defense. Fight back dammit!

"The predominantly white Antifa crowd can be heard screaming the “N” word multiple times. “Back up ‘N,’ back up ‘N,’ someone in the crowd yells as Anderson tries to escape the attack."


Why is it that we only see these thing reported on places like Breitbart and not on NBC or CBS?

Isn’t there a thread on groups who want them silenced?

Because NBC and CBS support the goons and their “peaceful protests?” The only thing these clowns want to report is that their man wins in November. Any thing that does not help this cause will be squelched.

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Looked like a HATE crime to me.

Where are the FEDS?

A bunch of white democrat voters putting a black man in his place. Some things never change.


I hope that the person who assaulted him is caught, charged and if found guilty, is punished.


And I also wish that mainstream news would report this kind of thing. If the proud boys did this it would certainly be reported. So why not with Antifa? End the news blackout.

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Where is the news media? They love to report on racism. :man_shrugging:

Complaining that news doesn’t report what you think it should is kinda dumb.

It’s a local story. Making it a national issue makes little sense.


That is such a croc. It would be a national issue had this been an attack by a conservative group. You know it would be. You don’t need me to tell you.


I know that grievance is what drives these things but it isn’t that important.

It is a local story. it has no national market beyond what can gin up outrage.

As I said… I hope that the attacker is caught and that he is prosecuted and served his punishment. I mean that 100%.

I don’t think that the counter protesters served their cause very well.

Even though I usually disagree with those who hold “free speech rallies” because it is usually a cover to say pretty awful things… They had every right to be there and should not have been impeded with anything other than speech back at them.

But drumming up outrage because a dude got punched… that is how the grievance ecosystem of certain media companies work.


A black guy got shot by a cop in a local city and the whole country needed the story forced on them 24 hours a day for a while.


Because people getting shot by police has become a national issue.

Dudes getting punched in the face… not so much.

Local issues.

Would CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC or ABC be covering this if a group of Trump supporters were intimidating a black man, repeatedly calling him the N word. Finally bashing him in the mouth, knocking out his teeth?

Pretty simple question. Would they cover it? I’m only asking for an honest opinion.



I wonder what the coverage would like like if it was a Proud Boy.

Freedom of Speech or rather those who want to suppress it has become a national issue.

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Just like plantation owners use to do.