Do any of these former and current Republicans stand a chance of winning the primary against Trump?

Crazy -
Trump supporters and RNC in 2016 “DNC IS RIGGED!! See emails where the DNC staff said they thought HIllary would win!! They even told her the subjects of some questions for the debate!! TOTALLY UNFAIR AND RIGGED!!”

Trump supporters and RNC in 2019 = “Someone might run against Trump in primary? Cancel the primaries. Problem solved”


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Every Body’s so different he hasn’t changed. Lucky he’s the same after all he’s been through…Life’s been good to him so far…(crazy sounding marimba solo)


A reminder of Joe Walsh…


Exactly…the fundamental mindset changes that TrumpCons have gone through in three years are astounding. The unacceptable has become acceptable to them. I’d blow a gasket if my State, Indiana cancelled it’s primaries.

I actually like John Kasich. Might have voted for him if he was the nominee back in 2016. However, I don’t think he has a snowball chance in hell. This is why I was glad Governor Hogan here in Maryland didn’t taint himself in making a run to primary that fool.

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I know. He said that three years ago…He says that his 180 on Trump occurred in Helsinki when Trump said he believed Puti Put over US intelligence. He said that did it for him…and has become a staunch critic of Trump ever since.

People change…Gawd!!!

Personally, I think the Republican party is a lost cause at this point. I hate to say it, as I was heavily involved with the party for most of my life - but the stench of Trumpism has so invaded the party that I don’t see any recovery in the foreseeable future.

Maybe if Trump goes down in flames in 2020 and takes the party with him, that MIGHT wake them up enough to do some soul searching. Maybe. Outside of that, they are lost.


Same here. Would have been my first R on a national level that I voted for.

LOL, no. The Republican Party is the Cult of Trump at this time.


Most recent Gallup poll shows 88% of Republicans approve of Donald.

They adore him. It’s the party of Trump.


They do change, and I do not even doubt his sincerity currently. What I question is his craven political opportunism, which was exemplified by that tweet. Vowing to vote for Trump, and take up arms in the face of his (what Walsh likely believed to be an inevitable) pending loss, was an easy position to take then in order to maintain his party-line credibility.

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I think it is beyond that even at this point. The vicious, self-feeding cycle of conspiracy theories has permeated the very soul of the party. They are now the party of conspiracy, with the head of the party being one of the biggest conspiracy theorists of all. Their news/information sources ALL, down to the last man, promote unfounded conspiracy theories to one degree or another.

The disassociation with reality has eaten away at the party like a cancer that cannot be cut out. As long as there is a multi-billion dollar industry promoting these wild disconnects from reality, with a servile audience ready to lap it up with unthinking, reckless abandon, then the party will forever be doomed.


Kasich… In 2019, Kasich joined CNN as a senior political commentator.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…


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Added to that is the perception that they have been terribly put upon and hurt by the powers that be - Deep State, Media, liberalism, feminism, multiculturalism, globalism, Hillary, Obama, gays, minorities - and whatever other boogey-man they feel has wronged them - and for many Trump supporters the desire for “revenge” overrides any considerations of character, polities, or realpolitik.

Whether or not it can be revived or not is a good question, but for now the Republican party has been emasculated by Trump. Ted Cruz is the poster child for present-day conservatism as expressed by elected officials - cowed, beaten, muzzled, and content to gnaw at the scraps the master throws them.


Personality or Policy?

It’s become increasingly difficult to tease apart the two. The former drives the latter.

They have no chance. But in-fighting between Trump and other Republican candidates would take the heat off of the Dem nominees. Keeping Trump focused on his own party would be great for Dems.

Indeed. And it is this incessant victimization mentality that is promoted, and even heralded, across the party as a whole that has allowed the festering conspiracy theorists to seep into the mainstream narrative of them all.

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