Divided America - the greatest danger since Civil War days

At a Feb 12th gathering of Lincoln’s Birthday celebrants, the Governor of Colorado noted that the tensions today are like those of crisis proportions that Abe Lincoln faced in the Civil War era. But (quoting the Governor) “Lincoln never lost his balance, his compassion or his faith in the people. He believed in the system - the system of Democracy which has served us so well over the years. Look at ourselves today. The crisis is as great now as then. There is as much or more division as there was during the Civil War. It is not a geographical division, but one of age, race and beliefs. The greatest threat is not that the radicals are going to win - I am confident there is no real threat in that; the real danger is in a growing feeling of fear and frustration and that somehow we will over-react. In over -reacting, we could lose our liberties and the great inheritance we have.”

Words for thought.

Particularly as those word were spoken by Governor John Love on Feb, 12, 1971. One has to wonder if Biden recognizes the danger his zeal to erase everything Trump from history could have on our liberties or whether that is his intent. One thing is clear, we live in dangerous times and possibly sit at a point of no return if wisdom does not prevail.

Sorry I have no link. The quotes came from a “Looking Back” segment in our local newspaper.

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And Trump tried to erase after everything Obama…Is that any different?

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Trump is not in power. Move on.

Well as long as you’re being consistent…


The only thing that relates to Trump is that he has been part of the divisiveness. But he is history. Biden is President now and so it is up to him to determine whether he will unite us as he promised or will continue down a path that erodes or liberties.


The next 2 years is going to be fun.

Please elaborate. What do you think will be fun about it?

Deal. Now that McConnell isn’t is power either the vote for Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state is a real possibility. Something that only needs 50 Senators and Harris to do.

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A whole lot.

Have you nothing to say about the OP?

If that’s your idea of elaboration, you may as well not even be here.

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I think it’s being pointed out similar sentiments weren’t being raised in 2017.

Maybe because you didn’t know enough back then but are realizing the danger now?

We’ll see in 2024 if the GOP wins back power and the next President does the same thing.


Yes. Biden ran as a unifier, not a divider. Trump did not. Biden was going to be better than Trump. Was that all a lie just to get elected and to win the support of moderates?



Other than reversing Trumps EOs y’all can’t even put into a cognizant paragraph just what it is Biden is doing that will make slaves of us all. Or bring communism or whatever the hell it is we should be pissing ourselves over.


You know, I was enjoying your post and was in agreement. But come on. This line considering Trump’s zeal to erase everything Obama from history…didn’t get any complaints from you at the time.

I support statehood for PR.


Already he has been better.


By out doing him on EO’s?
He just doesn’t get into arguments with movie stars (who support him anyway)
Not an improvement.

This right here. In between posts of just how evil, stupid, and mean democrats are there are these sneering posts on unity.

I honestly think Biden will do his level best, and get exactly zilch for his efforts. As far as the rank and file, I see no reason to accept the bad faith from the right. And those of us on the left? Unity will require the other side to own up to the last four years.

I won’t hold my breath.


What exactly was that?