Disease at the border

Alright so now we have varicella, tuberculosis, measles, all three heptidaes ABC and body lice which also killed thousands which was the Jewish holocaust, body lice will lead to TYPHUS this is deadly especially if lice is new species,one in like in 1940’s Poland. They need to go south or many will die.

I would really love to see a Venn diagram of Trump voters, anti vaccers, and folks concerned about migrants bringing disease into the country.


For those scratching their heads

Anyone who is sick should be denied entry into the United states. Those who don’t appear to have any symptoms should be quarantined for an appropriate time.

It’s almost like walking thousands of miles in a desperate attempt for a better life might not be great for your health.


And the point would be?

Should sick people be allowed entry into the united states?

My opinion is NO.

They can return home for treatment.

The point would be not dehumanizing people who just spent weeks/months trudging thousands of miles for a better life because they have a skin infection or a respiratory problem.

Just another reminder that for the tens of millions of dollars your boy Trump spent for his little political stunt at the border with the troops, we could feed, house, and provide care to every single member of that caravan. Instead, after an arduous journey, they sit in a tent city with winter approaching while conservatives wonder why some are in less than perfect health.


Illegals get free health care, and can ignore our laws… It’s like being a super citizen…

Basically open borders is causing disease.

I’m not dehumanizing them. They made a choice, this is the results. We are under no obligation to grant asylum to a sick person. They should return to their home country for treatment, or seek treatment where they are now.

I don’t mind spending money to try and secure the boarder. If you look at a map, Trump sent toops to the closes border crossing from where they started. The migrants chose to go a longer route to what they thought would be a “friendlier” border crossing.

Trump should send the troops there now to re-enforce the border in that location as well.

And again WHY should we let knowing sick people who are NOT citizens of this country cross the border to spread their infections?

Real Chigurh hours over here.

Yep. That’s just one reason illegally breaking into other countries is frowned upon…at least by some.

Not that it matters to the left but to immigrate here legally one must show all health records to the US consultant and be up to date with vaccines, if not no entry.

So everyone entering the country should undergo a health screening? Customs and physical exam when you get off the plane?

Apples to oranges comparison.

Do you think a person who is KNOW to be sick, doesn’t have a visa to enter the country, wants to claim Asylum should be allowed in the country?

Is that our responsibility?

It may be the decent thing to do but it isn’t necessary.

I can visit abject poverty two miles from my apartment. People living in squalor, fearful of gang violence.

Why are these caravaners more important than these Americans?

We can’t even fix our own issues. Are we supposed to solve the world’s issues?

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I’d like to see the OP run through a grammar-and-punctuation translator.

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Mexico let them into the country.

Mexico can figure out what to do with the diseased travelers.

I think if the reason you don’t want to allow a person into the country is health reasons, that should extend to everyone entering the country. Unless you’re saying only the asylum/refugee seekers should be subject to health screening. In that case you don’t think everyone entering the country should be assessed for disease, which is what you said earlier.

I wouldn’t say it is necessarily our responsibility.

But a common argument from those attacking the asylum seekers is that there is simply no money for America to bring them in and help them. Of course, no mention that we are literally going to end up spending enough on a political stunt that we could have just invited these people in and fed/housed them while their cases are being heard for far less.

No what I said earlier was regarding those in the migrant center in Mexico waiting to claim asylum in the US. What I said is those that are obviously sick should be denied entry. Those that have been in close quarters with them for an extended time should undergo quarantine if they are admitted to see if they develope anything from the center.

I’d rather the money go to job assistance for poor unemployed or underemployed Americans.