Disappointed In President Trump

If President Trump does not get the Five billion for the wall and caves again to Schumer & Pelosi I will never vote again. President Trump is like the lawyers that will say anything like(It’s looking good LOOKING GOOD! and just when you think you have actually a chance to win… your attorney at the last minute says to you It’s not looking good!

Trump has been a professional con artist for decades…he’s worse than a politician


Donald Trump didn’t know how bad the country was before running for office. Obama person really drove us off of the cliff. It just means you have to choose someone of a color type, like Donald Trump. Donald Trump is born rich. You can’t earn that in life. There are no royalties in the US, but if we have royalties, Donald will receive royalties. That’s just breeding.

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WOW, that’s a hoot. Thanks for the laugh for tonight.


He’s also not going to Lock Her Up.

Also, don’t forget that the second part of his promise to Build the Wall was Who’s Gonna Pay For It.

All lies. He likes lying.


Donald Trump does not need a vote from any single voter. He does not care about you. As long as he has strong financial resources and strong friends, he can steal election. This is exactly what he did, and now he can be immune from prosecution, because you cannot sue the current president. Check mate. Donald Trump will win the election in 2020, after which he will consider his choice.

Donald Trump will be laughed out of office.

He’s not going to cut the deficit either. Or end Obamacare.

But he will likely be indicted at some point so there is that.


Donald Trump will win the war on terror. He will reduce the national debt to zero. He will end the gender pay gap. He reduced taxes to zero. Partisanship will end because the Democrats will be deported. This will also be the case for illegal immigrants. Donald Trump will get a hotel in all the cool places. The United States will be great again.

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I thought you guys wanted single payer, not going to get it if the politicians think your happy with the scraps of Obamacare.

To be disappointed in Trump would mean you had expectations of him to begin with. That was your mistake. It’s like expecting Richie Sambora to pull off a decent guitar solo.


The Con Man In Chief strikes again. I can’t believe how gullible his supporters are.

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Did Dems drop Obama because he couldn’t get them full socialized single government payer health insurance? Of course not. Even Obama couldn’t do whatever he wanted with a pen and a phone…you need Congress.

If Trump makes a real effort to get the wall and manages to get some concessions on border security and immigration reform, he is likely to get my vote if he makes it to the general election. What’s the option, open borders Beto?

Trump haters pay to see posts like the OPs.Their dream is to read that a Trump voter has regret. It’s so so so important to them. Excuse me for being suspicious of the intent of your post.

I’m sure his future posts will make it clear that he is a true conservative, just a bit confused on whom to blame for lack of immigration enforcement.

This is the best post in the history of this forum. Trump as president = Sambora as a guitarist. ■■■■■■■ brilliant.

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I feel for you, hopefully more of your ilk will start #walkingaway from this con man.

waste of a perfectly good meme opportunity

Guess you won’t be voting ever again.

Thank you for your soon to be service to the country!

What would this “real effort” look like? Keep talking about it at rallies?