Dirty Immigration Pool

This is dirty pool, even in my book. What the hell is Trump doing? It’s one thing to catch them fair and square at the border, but setting up a fake university?

Come on Fat Donald!

Thoroughly acceptable. It is a plus that he is actually enforcing immigration laws. Dirty pool to take from them what they had no legal right to have? They are not citizens here. They are not complying with our laws. They got caught. Good for the administration.
Immigration laws say nothing about how if you run the gauntlet of our border you somehow are not subject to our laws on citizenship and residency.

Trump didn’t set this fake university up. It appears the program predates his administration in fact.


The word sequence of OP title got my attention. Double, triple entendre!

Trump is skilled at running fake universities.


None of these students illegally crossed the border to get here.


To be fair, these entrapment scams predate Trump. They started under Obama or Bush.

Hey now - we can’t be having any fake universities around here unless they have Trump’s name on them…


This is a fair and square catch. Just like going into a business and doing a check of employee’s and rounding up the illegal ones.

Needs to happen much more often.


How many have a legal right to be here?


The US shouldn’t be doing this.

No matter who is President, this is wrong.

Obviously only someone who hates brown people would do such an underhanded, dirty thing.

It’s the cruelty.

It was obama and we had obama do the university of Northern New Jersey. (UNNJ)
These scam universities nail unsuspecting Asian Indians who want to overstay their student visas.

Nailed those Asian Indians.


If you don’t enforce immigration laws you don’t have immigration laws.
Congress did not grant permanent residency to anyone who decides they want to ignore their authorizations under their visa.


Whaaaaaat?!? I don’t believe that for a minute! Only a white supremacist/nationalist would do such a thing!

Are they brown?

Well they ain’t white. Lol. What difference does that make, they violated immigration law.


They are in America on student visa, applying to a fake school violate their student visa.

Did you read the article, since the sting was set up in 2015, come on Sneaky since that’s long before President Trump. :roll_eyes:

eight alleged recruiters, all Indian citizens, were charged with "conspiracy to commit visa fraud and harboring aliens for profit,

The University of Farmington was set up in 2015 to catch foreign nationals who had traveled to the US on student visas but stayed on by transferring to fake universities and then obtaining work permits through them.

What the hell the USA can’t uphold the nations immigration laws or set up stings for foreigners who subvert our laws? Oh that’s right progressive liberals support illegal aliens over American citizens! :angry:

Way to go ICE! :us: :+1:
Memo to BBC…go to blazes!

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