Dims Hoping Taylor Swift will turn Florida Blue?

You’re being very convincing again. I’m gonna smoke more pot. lol


Ever wonder why young people tend to vote Democrat? Just reading your post gave me the answer. :joy:


Naaa, try some edibles instead.

20 somethings pay inflated prices for groceries too and with less money in their paychecks

democrat utopia

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I’m one of the lucky few whose stomach destroys Delta-8-THC.

Some of the hemp-derived THC variants like HHC, Delta-10, THC-P, etc… are slightly more effective for me in the edible forms, but I’m not nearly as active on those as I am with inhaling vaped oils.


Democrat…Republican, what difference does it make? This has been coming on for 30 years. Neither “side of the aisle” has done squat for the middle, lower-middle class. We’re getting poorer and working harder every year, through dem or rep administrations. I hear nothing from anyone with real workable solutions. All our so called leaders are only worried about the next election.


And the taxes they are assessed on their meager earning also go to support J’Biden’s illegal invasion horde.


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Yeah, we’re all different in how we respond to different strains. sigh. I suppose I’ll just HAVE to keep experimenting, huh?

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Work work… :rofl:


I’m 72. I gave up the “Maui Wowee” and the “Acapulco Gold” over 55 years ago.
Your description of THC variants although quite impressive and chemically detailed, is way above my comprehension. And quite frankly scares the ■■■■ out of me that there are people out here putting that into their bodies! :rofl:

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It’s plain ol’ hemp. You know, the stuff they make rope with that contains less than 0.03% Delta-8-THC. It’s just that Delta-8-THC isn’t all there is. :man_shrugging:

People here in my “age qualified” community use weed like crazy! We just had a dispensary open up just a golf cart ride away and the place is always packed. It really helps with the aches and pains of aging.

I’m sorry for derailing this thread. Lemme tie it together by saying that there are very likely some really stupid potheads out there who would vote for whoever their favorite celebrity did.

I don’t know if I’ve ever given this vibe off, but I hate sheep mentality. :rofl:

That is simply not true. Many bills were presented that died in the senate due to the filibuster.

The false equivalence regarding the parties is BS…

I will admit, from the 90’s until about 2012…the parties were not that different. Many of the corporate dems are gone…and the progressive caucus has grown. ie… the majority of Dems support Single payer healthcare…that was not true 20 years ago.

Also, one party supports democracy, one party does not, and seems to want a strongman to be their leader…wait, he is already their leader, apparently with enough power to make pubs vote against their principles…due to, fear of the strongman.

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Vape pen, w/solvent free oils is lovely, and very convenient. I have not “smoked” pot for years.
Helps it is legal in CA.

Cool. I doubt she could flip Florida, but her influence might help in the swings.

President Obama didn’t need Taylor Swift to carry Florida twice.

Nothing new for a well known actor or musician to endorse a political candidate. Cant say anyones endorsement has ever influenced my vote but politicians on all sides love these endorsements and go out of their way to get them.

If TS was a Republican there would not be one complaint from the right. There definitely would not be any crazy stories about her being a CIA agent and her whole relationship with a football player being a psyop.

“Trump’s team declared they’re ready for a “holy war” against the 34 year old singer”

Something tells me Trump and his people wouldn’t mind getting her endorsement…