Dims Hoping Taylor Swift will turn Florida Blue?

Are 13 year olds old now enough to vote?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m of the opinion Swift is a talented singer, songwriter and performer deserving of the notoriety and accolades she has received.But
flipping Florida?
Floridians see the results of Dimbulbcrat progressiveness. No thanks.


Anyone who decides who to vote for based on Taylor Swift’s recommendation shouldn’t vote.


Well, that’s not really what the article is about. It’s not that Taylor Swift will influence people’s votes - it’s that she’ll encourage people - young people - to vote who otherwise may not have.

I don’t know if she’ll make a difference, in any actually quantifiable way, but on a fundemental level, if she gets one more 20-something to actually walk to the polls and vote, that’s a good thing.


LOL. Come on, man.

The headline: “Could Taylor Swift tilt Florida blue? It’s Democrats’ wildest dream.”

The quotes: “It’s so close to the election, and we hope that there’s a message included to encourage folks, especially her fans, to go vote,” said Democratic Rep. Maxwell Frost, the first Gen Z member of Congress. “We need the help.”

“I’m thrilled to welcome Taylor Swift back to Florida!!! this October as we paint the town blue in 2024,” said former Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell in a statement.

State Rep. Fentrice Driskell, the Democratic House minority leader, echoed the enthusiasm. “Florida loves Taylor Swift,” she said. “I love Taylor Swift, and any attention or light that she could shed on the challenges we face here in Florida would be welcome.”


Or anyone’s endorsement for that matter…

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Well, whaddya know… :wink:


I’ll bet strong paper those Democrat blowhards never paid for a TS ticket or if they’ve seen her perform in concert at all. They’re pandering for blockheads that would vote for a bag of Takis if they saw it on social media.
Note to Taylor Swift: stay away from politics. It could piss off half of your fan base.


Election season continues to get gayer and dumber every 4 years. :man_shrugging:

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Well, that’s exactly what I’m saying. You have to read the article, not just the headline and the “quotes.”

Of course the Democratic Party will benefit from more young people voting, and that’s why they’re so pumped about it - but that’s a referendum on GOP policies, not Taylor Swift.

The headline, quotes, and the rest of the article explicitly state that Democratic officials in Florida are hoping Taylor Swift will influence young people to vote for Democrats. :man_shrugging:

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Notice how libs need to prey on the young to maintain their power and influence?


Yes, encouraging “the young” to vote is definitely preying upon them.


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Swift got my 20 year old granddaughter to register a few months back. This was something I tried to do for over 2 years, but couldn’t.

Whatever or whoever gets young people to register and vote is ok in my book.

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I don’t believe she’s ever told her fans how to vote, just to register.

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Well dammit, I believed @BlueHeron and everything. She was very convincing. :rofl:


IF you can get them to put their cell phone aside and ask a “Gen Zer” or whatever what issues are at stake for each candidate or what concerns them, get ready for a show of political ignorance.
If it isn’t on social media they haven’t a clue. For further entertainment, ask them something simple like who was President on 9/11 or what year did WWII end?
Remember, if they register they can vote.


Guessing Swift can afford to marginalize half of her fans? But hey, the gal flies in a private jet! Some folks are having trouble affording gas to get to work.

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Since when is an endorsement a command or request? I’ve always thought to endorse meant to publicly support a candidate.