Did Trump do the right thing in killing Soleimani?

Simple poll. I just want to know what forum members think.

  • Yes
  • No

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Its way too early to determine that one way or the other. This is still very much a developing situation.

Did he deserve to die? Absolutely but that does not mean Trump did the right thing.


Even though there is no love lost for a man like Soleimani being killed, his killing has increased tensions in the region and has made a hard situation in Iraq and Iran even more precarious.


Killing him was alright. Libs whining about it, is hilarious, but not new.


Should have been done years ago.


What was gained?

  • Iraq is pissed at us and has voted to kick us out.
  • Iran gets a firmer control of the region.
  • Our allies are worried that we are a loose cannon by not creating a coalition before a move like that.
  • We risked open warfare and are lucky that Iran decided to not target their retaliation at soldiers or civilians…yet.
  • The Middle East is even more unstable.
  • Iran will no longer abide by nuclear agreement.

What did we gain again?

He was a bad dude who deserved to die.

You know some other bad dudes that deserve to die? Vladimir Putin. Mohammad Bin Salman. Maduro. Kim Jong Un. Xi Jinping.

Now please tell me why we don’t assassinate those people in Airports?

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What did we gain?

You? Nothing. lol

Calling Hannity a lib could be seen by some as contempt of host.

Start your own poll…and stop deflecting this one.

Well then, don’t call him a lib if you’re worried about insulting him. lol

They’re not launching missiles at our bases and organizing sieges of our embassies.

Your unwillingness to answer the question is noted.

It’s not about the “right thing.” It’s about if it’s strategically smart and helped us in the region. Any supporter of the assassination want to tackle why this helped us?


You’re forgetting that some think that having allies willing to have our back and having air bases in strategically vital regions is a bad thing

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Someone equally “bad” had already filled his shoes and the foreign policy costs outweigh any perceived justice.


No. We just handed the Iranians what they wanted more than anything else, the US out of Iraq completely, for one guy whom changes nothing.

Maybe…and maybe not.

Judging from libs past predictions. I’m guessing they won’t be anytime soon.