Did the Clinton camp throw as much mud during the Benghazi investigations as Trump is doing with the Russia investigations?

Maybe I am exhibiting confirmation bias here, but during all of the Benghazi investigations I don’t recall Hillary Clinton or her surrogates flailing about trying to throw as much mud as they could.

Did she -

  • Whine that she was wrongfully targeted?
  • Impugn the character of Trey Gowdy or others leading the investigations?
  • Refuse to testify?
  • Call the investigations a “witch hunt”?
  • Tryito deflect by falsely claiming things such as the previous administration was wire-tapping her and spying on her?
  • get the Democrats to put out a baseless report saying she was cleared of any wrongdoing?
  • Get the Democrats to expose confidential information or names of informants?

I could be wrong. Enlighten me.

No, it was all over a video.

“Did the Clinton camp throw as much mud during the Benghazi investigations as Trump is doing with the Russia investigations?”


Not that I recall. It was all Republican Scandal Mongering, just like Uranium One and the anti-American “Deep-State-Gate”. Sad that people who once proclaimed to love this nation sold out for the Cheddar Tator.

Let me make sure I’ve got this right. We arm rebels to over throw a ruler we don’t like, they beat him, drag him through the streets…torturing him till his death where he’s decapitated. Those rebels then turn on are own embassy and kill four Americans…as they beat our Ambassador, drug him through the streets, parading him around like a trophy just like Ghaddfi and you post this garbage?

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Classic deflect and obfuscate. Nice!


The Clintons knew why they were being investigated. Those investigating the President are trying to stonewall the details of the origin of the investigation to begin with.
So the DNC was hacked and some Russian told Papa…that they had the emails. And the DNC paid to have creative operation research created that was handed to the FBI. None of that makes any sense in causing this investigation. It is as if made out of thin air. That might be fixed, and there may be a good reason. As of now it is Kafkaesque.

You don’t have it right. You’ve repeated a falsehood about Ambassador Stevens. He was not beaten, drug around the streets and parades as a trophy.

Don’t post garbage.

Everyone knows why Trump’s campaign is being investigated. The ones that are honest can admit it, which is why Trump must find this so perplexing.

No. What Trump and complicit republicans are doing right now is unprecedented in modern politics.

Because it was her turn.

Your statement has a serious problem with face validity.

Alright…you caption this photo and keep in mind that according to his retired Navy Captain pastor…he was sodomized too.

Ambassador Stevens pulled out of burning building by group of Libyans who brought him to a hospital alive where they attempted to resuscitate him for an hour and a half unsuccessful.

I like to stick with the truth. Was the Navy Captain pastor there when it occurred?

Were you?


Officer…I merely found these drugs…and was on my way to the police station to turn them in.

The picture doesn’t lie. Would you carry an injured man, that you’re caring for…in such manner?

You’ve been suckered by right wing blogs, again. The Navy Chaplin didn’t write anything about being attained or sodomized.

Does this ever get old for you?

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ummm… that investigation was for an event that happened … not one that was made up and even not defined.

You see … libs equate the their loss on November 8 2016 with the loss of lives in Benghazi. They assume there MUST have been some crime committed that caused Trump to win. This is TDS.

so Stevens is alive and well… have been protected by security forces provided by the Clinton/Obama administration?