Did Shifty just lie.......Again?

His staff met with the whistle blower. Do you think he was catfished again?


Were Schiffty’s lips moving? If so he was lying.

I believe Schiff was being honest when he said he didn’t know who the WB was.

Does anyone here believe Trump knows who the WB is?

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Rather than believe Schiff without question, or declare him guilty without debate, do you have any substantive evidence that Schiff is lying?

Yes they did.


If Schiff has a reasonably competent staff, they wouldn’t tell him exactly who it was to head off, well, this. I mean, I’m sure he was told the whistleblower was a Russia House analyst in the CIA who was detailed to the NSC or whatever.

See if you wanted to be really clever you could have said he’s a lying sack of schiff…and that would have been bold and funny at the same time.

Lol. There is no cause and effect. If Schiff did lie and I don’t think he did, what effect did it have at all on today’s testimony.



Clearly, the democrats are with you. :rofl:

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Thanks for your input.

The title of this thread was:

Did Shifty lie………Again.

Fair point. I tend to believe he lied. If Shifty doesn’t know who this person is, then who does? How do we know that the “whistleblower” isn’t working the nigh shift a Taco Bell?

So you don’t have any evidence that Schiff knows who the Whisteblower is…

So you don’t have any evidence that there was a quid pro quo…

Personally no… I am rather not in that world. But we can all read the Trump memo of the call, listen to the Mulvaney Press Conference and read the various sworn transcripts if we want to evaluate the evidence of the quid pro quo… so there is plenty fo evidence to evaluate.

But evidence for you claim that Schiff knows the identity of the Whistleblower… nothing.

do you?

“we believe trump lies, so it’s ok that everyone else lies about everything”

Okay. I will put you down as believing Shifty.

The Washington Post has been tracking Trump “lies” I think they are up to about 4 million now. Does anyone know what their final tally was for Obama lies? I can’t find it. :roll_eyes:

wait… wapo thinks trump lies?


meanwhile, to congress, to fool stupid people into thinking this is true…

“If you don’t understand me, I’m going to say it seven more times“

Do you think Trump lies often?