Did Shifty just lie.......Again?

I do no not think he lied

So you are refusing to answer? Nobody asked you if you cared. I only ask if Shifty lied. Well, did he?

So he doesn’t know who called his office, but his staff knows? Ok, sure. Honest Shifty they call him. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh I don’t know if he lied. Honestly, I don’t even care. Truth has gone down the toilet thanks to Trump and his supporters who don’t demand better of him.

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I will say this. I truly Schift much more then the liar in chief.

Okay. Let’s say he did. Trump lies all the time. Yet your,opinion of him doesn’t change. Same with congressman Schiff for me. He is impeaching trump. Doesn’t matter.


Well okay. That’s an answer.

Okay. Thank you for participating.

So do I.


Thanks for participating.

do they? is there any evidence they know the identity?

Ok he did not lie. He claims he doesn’t know who the WB is and I have no reason to believe him. Do you have evidence that shows he knows?

Based on what evidence?

He knee a whistle blower had called his office. He could have been told that part and then had the name blacked out. Maybe the whistle blower gave an alias? Who knows. Neither of us do. Neither of us can know he is lying or not. I understand why you dont trust him as he is not 100% honest

Feelings and speculation

So he lied during the impeachment proceedings. Pretty indicative of the proceedings themselves.


Everyone is guilty by implication and circumstance? Who is with me?

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Are you saying that Trump supporters don’t let Trump get away with lying?

Lock them all up!

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