Did Oscars and Woke crowd just got canceled?

Did Oscars and Woke crowd just got canceled?

It seems they lost 13.75 viewers.

9.85 million…last year they had 23.64 viewers.

Keep up the good work and make em pay.

Lets hope pro sports have similar outcome.


The movies imho keep getting worse.


Haven’t the Oscars been losing viewership for years now?

Personally I don’t think I have ever sat through a whole awards show in general.

I am not seeing the connection here between “woke” and ratings drop.

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They are down 13.75 million viewers from last year 23.64 million.

That’s really big drop off don’t you think?

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Just remember libs who started this game.

you think a year without anyone going to a movie theater might have had the greatest impact???


Yeah it was, what evidence do you have that its linked to “woke” pushback?

I usually don’t watch award shows, but this I extra didn’t watch. Release the Snyder cut of the Oscars, I want to see the tenth hour.

2020 was a weird year with movies

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Yeah…that must be it. :roll_eyes:

Makes more common sense then the OP :man_shrugging:

I could be wrong but I’ve yet to see anything to the contrary

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Does theaters not being open last year have anything to do with it?

Also, the production was much smaller this year.

The movies that did come out, and were nominated “best”, were not that great.
The Chicago 7 was good…Nomad Land was boring, mediocre, and dull.

Hollywood needs to step up their game.

Being woke is not the problem…putting out crap is.


Cancel Space Jam 2.

Well then double down libs since it hasn’t effected your bottom line then.

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I know a guy in the industry and what he is telling me is that the number of eyeballs watching and consuming movies and tv is so much larger now since Covid

Coupled with the lower barriers of entry there is a ton of crap getting produced and pushed out.

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Actually that does make sense…what else for people to do during Covid.

I agree with this the quality of movies I am used to seeing at least 5-6 must sees a year. And thats been dropping every year for awhile now. When one looks at the best movies now and compare them to five years ago it’s evident. Everyones different but to me the last good Hollywood movie was the Joker having just a great performance, art, and acting all around. I have never even heard of any of the movies on this years movies list.


Yup, so now with all this time, increased consumption and choices like never before…”awards” matter even less

The new Mortal Kombat reboot was pure hot gahbage.

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Dune, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and Halloween Kills coming in 2021. Cant wait for those.

The only movies I can remember being excited for in 2020 were Bill & Teds and Nobody.