Did Joe Biden just Confess?

It is interesting when someone is under stress they will slip and let out little things that they never actually meant to. So look at his actual words:

So here could be what Joe let slip:
No, it is not true., So because of double negatives, it is true.

Secondly, "“I’m saying unequivocally it never, never happened…So, he is saying clearly(unequivocally) that it Did happen. Again double negatives.

And Finally “It didn’t, it never happened”… So if it didnt never happen, then it did happen.

I’m with New York Times. It needs to be investigated.

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No he didn’t admit to it… yes it should be investigated.

You got him now

joe biden is getting some support from expert voices on women’s anatomy and assault.

And he’s a black guy, and as we all know from james clyburn, “black people know joe biden and joe biden knows us.”

And from the picture, you can clearly see that joe biden does in fact know this guy.

the only one who has confessed to sexual assault is trump

You are mistaken, I never had him. Tara Reade had him, and without her consent.

I believe her. Do you?

His remarks should become a republican commercial.

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I’m just wondering why biden hasn’t denounced this guy yet. Maybe because he was one of biden’s earliest endorsers.

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Never never had him?

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Which time? The time in 1993 when she Biden was a leading voice against sexual assualt or in 2017 when she said “My former boss speaks the truth! Listen!”

Do you believe Katie Johnson?

I encourage everyone to read the guy’s tweet that he’s since blocked from public view. Wow. Good to know some big guy in political power proclaiming he doesn’t believe the woman because:

Judging by the position of the female vagina, it will not be easy for anyone to just put their finger into the vagina unless their is some cooperation from the female herself. This is why I believe Tara Reades allegations are false. She is looking for attention.

This isn’t a Donald Trump thread. We had this conversation four years ago. Trump admitted it and voters decided that it doesn’t matter. He gets a pass. Let it go. It’s over now.

Will voters will give Biden a pass on this confession? His use of double negatives to admit to sexual assault is a slick political move. Only time will tell.


Trump should run on it. Play the quote over and over and point to it as a confession.

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He resigned, as well he should have.

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Use of a double negative isn’t a confession. We all butcher language usage at times. Other videos and such however are more persuasive.

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Granted…We all butcher language.

I do take his remarks as a confession though on the subconscious level.

Ah the old “it sounds like something he might have said” defense.

“No, it is not true” is not a double negative.

“I’m saying unequivocally it never, never happened” is not a double negative.

“It didn’t, it never happened” is not a double negative.


Keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep better.

Given I am domiciled in Western Australia your interpretation, erroneous as it is, has no impact on my sleep.

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