Did AOC and Beto's efforts change your minds about them?

Simple question to those who view(ed?) their politics and/or character unfavorably.

It boils down to whether or not you believe they are being authentic.

Note: “being” and “acting” mean different things

Would have been a good poll.

Change my mind about them? No. But they won the week.

beto is a fraud through and through. aoc actually believes the garbage she spews.


yes they are even more grandstanding and fake than i originally thought

Yes, they are the problem here, not the people attacking them when they do good things.

I do not know their souls. What percent of this was “caring” and what percent was “optics”. Don’t know. Did the image of Cruz loading up drinking water when he came back convince you of his “caring”?

Ultimately, this is not what I vote for. Do I approve of redistribution and open borders? That is what I vote for.

Cruz played Cancun hide and seek.

These two young people played political chess.

And won the week.

Do you think that they were being authentic?

that is correct

they are definitely the problem

Nevermind then. You answered my question.

Why did AOC come to Houston to get a picture of herself packing food? Couldn’t the money for the trip here be used to pay for a lot more food than she could pack?

Bobby Frank and AOC? That’s not a simple question.

They were being authentic for political gain.

Now, do I believe they truly care about people suffering? Yes, in a general humanistic kind of way.

I believe they have good hearts.

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Come on Doug, don’t be petty. Her pictures will generate a lot more in donations than a $1k plane ticket.

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Why would it lead to any donations?
Maybe political points.

Any idiot can donate money or set up a fundraiser. Being willing to donate your time and physical presence takes a lot more effort and skin in the game. If she didn’t come, you’d no doubt be whinging all the same.

Why would I even expect her to come here? No, I wouldn’t expect her to come here any more than any other Congressperson from another state.
As I said, I don’t know her soul. I do know her politics.
And unless she runs for President, it really doesn’t matter anyway what I think.

Well it already led to $3M. She’s young, she’s pretty, she’s popular, she can dance. She has the platform. She’s doing the right things. Hell, she fixes my water, I’ll donate to her.

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This was what I was looking for. Thank you for clarifying.

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“Mobster Al Capone Ran a Soup Kitchen During the Great Depression. America’s most notorious gangster sponsored the charity that served up three hot meals a day to thousands of the unemployed—no questions asked. Chicago shivered through a particularly bleak November in 1930.”

Not against charity. Better he should have spent money on this than another hit. But the fact of someone being involved in charity doesn’t necessarily tell you about their motives.
No, I’m not accusing anyone of being a gangster. (except Al).
Be careful when they wear it on their sleeve.

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Yes, and Pablo Escobar built hospitals and took care of the poor in Medellín. So what?

They are politicians, it’s what they’re supposed to do. Help.

Robbie Frank is a Texan of wealth and privilege, I expect him to get involved.

She decided to get involved in a positive way, not just tweeting how screwed up our “other side” government is like Fled Cruz.

And God bless her for it.

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