DEVELOPING: Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Miss Supreme Court Arguments for First Time in 25 Years

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will miss opening arguments for the first time in 25 years as she continues to recover from cancer surgery just weeks ago, reports the Associated Press.

“Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said Monday the 85-year-old Ginsburg is continuing to recuperate and work from home after doctors removed two cancerous growths from her left lung on Dec. 21,” writes the AP.

The 85-year old Justice has been treated for two previous bouts of cancer; once in 1999 and again in 2009 and has been recovering from a fractured rib after falling in her office on November 7th.

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Hope she gets well and takes care of herself.

But it’s time to go.

Good for her. She’s a hard working lady.

Maybe impeach her if necessary, since she can’t fulfill the obligations of her office any longer.

I mean how few work days are there in the Supreme Court schedule already?? She definitely needs to be docked some pay.

She is recovering from surgery, which can happen to anyone at any age… do you have any shame? This being the first time in 25 years is a testament to her ability to fulfill her duty.

How many sick days have you used in 25 years?

Maybe someone can post the federal leave guidelines for her position and we can clear this right up. If she’s missing excessive time, she should be docked. If she’s not, she shouldn’t.

But still, impeachment may become necessary if she can’t fulfill her duties.

Eh not 25, but coming up on 15 years . . . .

Boss says i don’t call in sick . . . I call in dead. This is the first year in probably 8 I won’t get my letter congratulating me on not using any sick time and getting 8 hours of leave time because of it.

Now that being said, Ginsburg has a couple of things working against her. Second is her age (wait what did I say second??? Why yes I did.) First and formost working against her, is her Diabetes. Diabetics heal much more slowly than a normal person, can rapidly develope complications from even the very minor injury, hell can even develop complications without an injury.

That being said god speed and quick recovery. But it might be time for her to start thinking about what’s best for her and retire.

I am responding to someone talking about impeaching her…

DO you think we should impeach her?

Not right now. Need to give her time to get back up on her feet. As I said, she has a couple of things working against her. If she’s still not able to perform her duties in 2 or 3 months then yes.

So your position is that if a SC judge has an illness that takes a couple months of recovery that precludes travel, they should be impeached? OK!!

But only if they are liberal.

Yes. If they are unable to perform their job over an extended period, they should.

No way! I doubt these responses could be partisan! Shocking!

Times like this I really value employers like mine who actually care about their employees.

Would your employer still be paying you, and keeping your job open if you missed three months of work?

Yes; I luckily have only been on the giving end (in terms of pay), donating my vacation to people who have ran out of paid leave, sick time, and other allowances.

Positions being kept open is not even in question.

Impeach her? Based on what?

BTW, she is still working, just not traveling. So not even really accurate…

and female…you know…the “weaker sex” and all…

I don’t think she should get to vote on any case she wasn’t there for arguments. Article says she will base her opinion on transcripts. i don’t think that’s right.