DEVELOPING: Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Miss Supreme Court Arguments for First Time in 25 Years

Do you think transcripts are incomplete? Why would that “not be right”?

… or demonstrate that she cannot.

You’re right. Too soon to talk impeachment. It’ll become clear in due time whether she can return and be effective.

Relying on transcripts precludes one’s ability to question those making arguments. Maybe for clarification. Or more detail. Stuff like that.

I can understand doing so as a temporary measure. I’m on board for waiting to see how her recovery goes.

Can she see the body language of those presenting the arguments? Can she gage the reaction of her fellow jurists? If she has questions about an answer she can’t ask them further questions. She can’t guage the . . . tone . . . for lack of a better work of the person presenting. Those for a start.

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So a judge should respond to emotion and tone, not facts and evidence?

Not being able to perform her duties. I’ve covered this already.

And many libs want to impeach kavanaugh over completely unsubstantiated 30 year old allegations from kooks.

I feel comfortable in my argument.

She may have had pertinent and probing questions to ask of the litigants.

We’ll never know because she is unable to perform her duties. Why should she be able to base a decision on that??

Are you saying the remaining judges are not able to adequately ask questions? Should the whole SC be delayed then?

If she is not allowed to vote (like my opinion)?

No it would be as if there were 8 justices at the time of hearing and ruling. When she is able to sit again, she can become the 9th justice again. If she can’t after 3 moths, then it’s time to look at removing her.

My wife was at the Supreme Court today. She said Clarence Thomas was constantly rocking in his chair and that Gorsuch looked like he was asleep.

I have a copy of the Constitution here and am looking at Article III, nothing there about impeachment for temporarily not able to perform her duties. In fact, Article III doesn’t even spell out her duties. So…try again.

I’ll bet there’s nothing about impeaching a justice for playing drinking games or farting either, but here we are.

At least my concern is based on the very real fact that she apparently can’t show up to work for the limited schedule she already enjoys. There has to be some kind of federal guideline for leave in her position. She’s probably pushing the limits.

Forgive my ignorance, but how many senators and congressmen does it take to impeach a justice? Doesn’t seem like there would be the numbers to do so.

Also, Republicans certainly had no problem with only 8 justices during the last year of the Obama administration.

It goes to show you that many people in certain government type positions don’t view what they do as “work”. I don’t know anyone who says they want to stay in their jobs until their mid to late eighties!

Justice Kennedy is said to have picked, or at least suggested, Brett Kavanaugh to replace him. Maybe justice Ginsberg should negotiate behind the scenes to have someone she respects replace her, while she is still able to continue sitting. Keeping the idiots from turning the next nomination into the fiasco the last one was would be an appropriate way to end her career. It could be a win-win for both sides, and with no clear loser. Who are the current contenders to fill her position?

Retire and let the Trump nominate another ■■■■■■■■■ like Kavanaugh? I’m guessing she’d rather not.

That’s because the 9th Justice was unable to perform his duties. See where I’m going here? She can’t perform her duties…

They don’t allow Senators and Representatives vote if they are absent.

They don’t let the VP phone in a tiebreaker.

If Republicans are willing to wait until the next election to seat her replacement, you might have yourself a deal.

Why on earth would they do that?