Devastating blow to Biden regime

Supreme court ruled against Biden regime in attempt to end Trump remain in Mexico policy.

I have no doubt Biden regime will ignore Supreme court ruling.


No they won’t. Why even say something like that?

Its not a Congressional policy, why can’t Biden simply remove it.

Ask Alito.

he order a brief delay they didn’t rule on the case yet.
no one on the court has said why its illegal to end a policy.

if you think the court is going to rule that the President doesn’t have power to end policy enacted by a former President you might wanna stop gambling.

I’m sorry, did you have the impression that I gave you my thoughts on the matter?

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don’t you hate it when the law you championed (APP) bites you in the ass?


thats not what you said when they did it to Trump


Looking at Biden’s free fall some has to do with the border it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for his admin to set it back up if Mexico will allow it. His support from the left isn’t going no where his independents on the other hand are abandoning ship. Overall approval for handling the border is in the 30%-37%.

He just got handed a fresh new poll as well (Spoiler not Rasmussen) but USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll which shows the speed of the fall. At this pace he will be with Trump soon.


This will just be a blip on his ratings.

Most salient is “he will be with Trump soon”. Of course, the difference is that Biden is the president of the USA.

They ignore every other immigration law.

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That is below Trump average of about 42.

Does it matter, he is not going to run for re election.



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Will voters trust the next selection of the party that chose and gave assurances about the cognitive health of White-ant Joe?

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You know the election map favors the dems in 2024. Right?


Just as the reps are favored to retakes the house next year.

The nation likes divided govt.


Maybe? They can’t get any worse.

The difference is the reason people keep lying and making stuff up about Desantis! The media even knows if Desantis were to win the nomination he’d unify the base. Your goose is cooked if he runs.