DeSantis says 'take your fake meat elsewhere' and signs bill banning lab-grown meat

Actually, you can take your jack boots elsewhere, ■■■■■■■■

We will be seeing you in Federal Court and pretty damn soon I should think.


Small government free market DeSantis at work.


Good for DeSantis to defend farmers and ranchers.


I literally could not believe the absolute arrogance to try such a heavy handed move.

And he really thinks this will survive in the courts???

He is going to be facing both private lawsuits and a Federal lawsuit in days.


Defending them from WHAT??? Competition???


He is a culture warrior.

Free market values goes out the window when there is a cultural threat.


Soylent green wasn’t grown in labs was it?

Interestingly, my company BOTH processes and distributes beef and other meat products AND is a leader in lab grown meat and meat alternatives, meeting customer demand for all such products as the public demands in the free market setting.

We cater to ALL. That is the essence of the free market.


The problem is your company didn’t give him enough money for his brilliant 2024 presidential campaign and that made him mad. Making all that deep fakes AI voiceover is expensive don’t ya know



But you see those liberal elitists in Davos want to force you to eat bugs so we just have to ban lab grown meat.

On another issue… is there a better marketing term than lab grown meat?

Maybe Petri Muscle?

Still hashing it out.

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That is still in work. :smile:

Interestingly, Florida has fallen to 3% of overall beef production, 12th among States. And continues to fall as growth and land prices make ranching untenable in Florida.

So not sure what DeSantis even intends to protect.

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Vat chops?

But they have to incorporate " the other red meat" as a slogan

Hehe. Fortunately, I am not involved in the marketing side of things or that might be the name.



I want a tenth of a penny in perpetuity for every pound sold if you use that name.


99% of the time, we’re on the same page. But what’s the basis of your opinion on this? It can’t be Dormant Commerce Clause. Why can’t a state ban the intrastate production of a product that it finds to be injurious the state?

Lab Grown Meat is regulated by Federal statute and specifically by the FDA and USDA. As an approved Federal product, the doctrine of preemption alone would invalidate Florida’s law.

Also, what injury has Florida shown. Competition is NOT an injury under the law. If lab grown meat detracts from the sale of real beef raised by Florida rancher’s, that is the result of competition and the free market, not an injury or tort. Florida literally has no rational basis to pass this law.


There’s nothing like a good steak…

Seems to me I was at a function somewhere where what was it called, “impossible meat or beef” was available for sample and everyone thought it was terrible.

Is it safe? Cause cancer?

Personally I’ll proudly be supporting the actual cattle industry.