DeSantis Drops Out

I don’t understand today’s GOP.

Ron DeSantis fought to keep Florida free during the pandemic against the faces of the shutdown of Dr. Fauci and Trump.

But, the GOP are preferring Trump over DeSantis. Really? They want Trump to be the nominee again - a man who is:

  • a sore loser
  • borderline racist
  • faces numerous legal problems
  • throws Israel, gun owners, and pro-lifers under the bus
  • mocks POWs and disabled people.
  • praises dictators and authoritarians like Putin
  • wants to be an authoritarian himself

The GOP primary is now down to Trump and Nikki Haley, a woman who wants to eliminate online anonymity and privacy.

Today’s GOP is now a party of jerks like Trump and Charles Kirk.


Yes. Really. But also not. :wink:


Anybody but Joe Biteme.

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Nikki’s turn

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I had high hopes for him it looks like he should’ve waited until 2028.


today’s GOP voters are sick of being bullied by Pelosi ilk

Being a “jerk” or not is not impt


He has a long life of bribes and kickbacks still to come. It’ll just take a little bit of patience. :wink:


It is to me!

but not to the country. think beyond yourself and focus on what’s effective.

vast majority of politicians are horrible role models anyway

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I don’t think it should be okay to elect a racist who wants to be an authoritarian to be President.

oh i see what the problem is. media narrative programming


Did the media makes up Trump praising dictators & authoritarians?

does that make him a dictator and authoritarian wannabe?

or was it a tactic to further progress in relations. he knows stroking their egos is smart. the self centered left doesnt comprehend that.

was this a desantis thread or just another trump angst thread?

We already have that in the White House now. Don’t see you complaining about jbiden. Also don’t see you asking the jbiden supporters why they are going to run jbiden again who is a racist authoritarian.


Yes. Next question.

Wow…did you miss any MessNbc talking points?


relax. trump wont be allowed to make it to the white house. all the rigs and schemes you depend on and more will be out in full force.

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“a mess nbc”. love it!

Rather rot in hell than praising Putin.

Governor DeSantis did not have a path to victory…continuing his campaign was just going to cost alot of extra money.

Imho this is a wise decision on his part…

He can focus on continuing to be a great governor in Florida…a state Republicans need to win to dethrone the awful corrupt old worn out member of the out touch democrat party…

I suspect Ambassor Haley will step aside after Tuesday to avoid the humiliation of being annihilated in her home state of South Carolina.