Democrats sure loves thier crony capitalism

Apparently democrat leaders of New York seems to suck up to very rich and powerful while their constituents to basically screw off.

New York’s top politicians, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, have been accused of an “immoral waste of taxpayers’ money” and being out of touch with their constituents as the chorus of complaints grows louder over the incentive-laden package put together by the Democrats to lure Amazon to the Big Apple.

Why should democrat haves their fingers on pulse of the people…they represent the very extreme elites.

“I think if the takeaway from the recent election in Queens, New York City and nationally is that we should actually step up corporate subsidies and billionaires getting billion-dollar bailouts — if that’s the takeaway, somebody’s not got their fingers on the pulse of Democrats, certainly, but people generally in this country,” New York City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, who represents the area, told Politico.

so to say that democrat party represent the people as many have claimed has been snookered/scammed.

This is your party libs. The party of rich extreme elites.



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Deflection is noted.

Why do I get this feeling this is lib free zone? :rofl:

Why is it a deflection? It’s the same thing, but spearheaded by trump and WI GOP.

I disagree with both.

a lot of cities want amazon

amazon set it up as a competition and cities are doing some crazy stuff to win

one solution is to invest in amazon i guess

Libs sure love crony capitalism…specially their extreme elites.

Seems like few people don’t want to be challenged on their extreme ideologue.

Yes they did.

I for one have been on record for years against these stupid incentive packages offered to lure employers.

But its simply not credible to imply there is a partisan difference here. Both sides do it.

Scott Walker set up a whole state agency for no other purpose than to hand out taxpayer money to favored businesses.


Conan and Representative Ocasio-Cortez agree on something… who knew?


i do not like subsidies and special deals for big companies but in a competition these things happen

personally i just want smaller government and less regulation and lower taxes

three years ago that was good enough

now im learning here that to be a conservative i have to believe a whole lot more

some fella last night called me a leftist because i didnt believe that trump won the election by 5-10%

but the conversations here are fascinating

lots of smart people

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Our system is crony capitalism. That’s the US economy. Has been for close to a couple decades now since the 70’s.

Mr. Bubbles is just in a huff because Amazon HQ2 isn’t going to any of the backward states.

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Pretty sure that means Conan is a socialist.

Whose beliefs do you think you’re challenging?

Government officials give out government cheese to attract big business.

Do you think you revealed something earth-shattering?

Don’t forget Carrier who was paid by Ohio, not to hire people, but to fire fewer of them.

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not crony capitalism no sirree


Geez, take it easy. It was less 15 minutes from when you started the thread to when you posted this.

Just, like, relax a little maybe?