Democrats, step aside. You failed. Again

All the these democratic city council members and mayors whining about systematic racism are the same ones who have been overseeing police departments and cities for over 50 years. They have done nothing productive at all. If you ask them, things have gotten worse. So they have done more damage than good. So why should we trust the same nit wits who have accomplished nothing to fix anything? How many chances to we want these clowns to have? They have not earned yet another chance to fix their screw ups. :clown_face:

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can’t wait for the GOP to start running candidates in the inner cities.

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Many of the policing methods that have caused many of the issues we face…”high engagement” policing, the “broken window” philosophy, “stop and frisk”…all things meant to provide the appearance of order as opposed to enforcing the law…are policies adopted by Dem and GOP alike because they are what the “untargeted population” want.

It’s not a lib/con thing. It goes way beyond that. It’s what the people who live in the “ordered” parts of town want.

Not everything should be viewed through a partisan filter.

In fact, hardly anything should.

If you can’t properly analyze the root causes of a problem…you’ll never even begin to be able to fix it.


And a major problem has been the influence of the Fraternal Order of Police and the individual Police unions that have been formed. These folks are at the forefront of bucking any type of civilian oversight or investigation. I believe what you are going to see going forward is reforms being done with the power of the budget. Mayors and City Managers have not been willing to use the budgets as leverage. I think that that is going to change. And many cities really need to look at what their Police Departments are tasked with. Many police departments have expanded to do more social work then just basic law enforcement.
I agree with you that this is not a lib/con deal. And there is certainly no every size fits all solution to police departments problems.


Do you really think that is going to happen? Or do you think they will stick with the same idiots who have let them down for decades?

Your thread is suggesting Democrat need to step aside, so are the GOP going to run people to replace them.

The city leaders don’t seem to think this is true for some reason. I have not heard a peep from them regarding this.

I said they should. Because they suck. I didn’t make any predictions.

It’s a lib thing. The conservatives have had no voice in the inner cities for decades. Sorry, the libs own this debacle. :man_shrugging:

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MORE WINNING: Trump Approval Rate At 41% Among Likely Black Voters


I was not aware that Gallup was no longer doing Presidential polls.

Rasmussen is now the only one.

Apparently they do these polls on a weekly basis.

I was unable to find out how many people they’d actually talked to, but typically the standard number is 1,000.

Apparently libs are not happy with their failed leadership either. But they will gleefully vote for them again. Maybe you need 100 years of failure before it’s really a problem?

You might want to look at ALL the numbers there.

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Should people in the inner city people fire their council members and mayors who oversaw decades of systematic racism and did nothing?

All I know is that if Joe Biden had been in politics for the past 50 years we would not be having this conversation.

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He has done more for civil rights than Jackie Robinson and MLK combined!!! Just ask him! :joy:

I think you have that backwards.

â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– 

Rudy Giuliani was a Republican mayor who espoused many of things I mentioned in my post.

Stop and frisk…the “Broken Window”…high engagement…vague laws that give the police any justification they want to stop someone like “obstructing pedestrian traffic”…are adopted by conservative and liberal governments alike.

And the metrics and measures to show these policies “succeed” incentivize them to continue…even though they make no one “safer”.

Add in the Blue Wall, and F.O.P. and the unions and the negative reinforcement loop is complete.

You just don’t realize any of this because you haven’t been stopped for some vague offense and then frisked in the most embarrassing and demeaning way possible by police that are also trained to be the “dominant force” in any engagement.

You’re not the one being targeted…so you don’t know.

And you’ve adopted a simplistic “lib v con” filter so you’re even stopping yourself from investigating if what I am saying is true or not.


How do black Americans vote? Clearly they see the answer as electing Democrat politicians.

PS - Idealistically you are right but the unfortunate thing is that the current two party system has created this divisive reality.

67% of likely black voters strongly believe Trump is on the wrong track…yet somehow you believe 41% will support him. That is what is known as a disconnect.

Um…obviously the Gateway Pundit is selectively publishing results…which is why if you want me to believe you when you post polls, you should post the poll and not some article talking about the poll.

Primary source material…is this a difficult concept?