Democrats see a convention bounce

This will age well, or not. I’m guessing not.

Only bounce I saw was the bounce ball game. Biden amateur hour.

Your were a pollster. You know how it work, Mr. Lucchese

Only boats sleepy Joe “the tax man” Biden supports are wind or people powered. He does not like gas engines or petrol burners. He might get a fleet of paddle boats to display his powerless.

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Weren’t we talking about the democrat bump?

I think Tucker Carlson summed it up well. The first night of the RNC was good. Tim Scott was powerful. Nikki Haley was great

Well you are not. And he probably doesn’t know who you are. But, I respect your opinion,

We should avoid robitussin.

Scott was good. Haley lost me when she talked about removing the flag. Trump is all in saving that flag.
So it was laughable. But the lies about the virus were extreme. The fact checkers are going to have fun this week.

The chinese exported Chinese Wuhan Virus aka COVID-19 to the would. What do you think of Australia joining forces with Japan and India to build stronger supply chains to counter China’s dominance?

Depends on where they look for facts. Did you listen to Carlson sum it up?

I missed the flag removal, but I agree dems tend to blame America first. You may have been mistaken about the flag removal that you thought you heard.

I am blessed to live in america with a mixed family. May God always bless America, Mr Wazoo.

“Our state came face to face with evil. A white supremacist walked into Mother Emanuel Church during Bible study. Twelve African Americans pulled up a chair and prayed with him for an hour. Then he began to shoot,” Haley said. “After that horrific tragedy, we didn’t turn against each other. We came together — black and white, Democrat and Republican. Together, we made the hard choices needed to heal — and removed a divisive symbol, peacefully and respectfully.”

Haley said the moment should give Americans hope. Unstated was that Trump has spoken out in favor of keeping Confederate flags and monuments in public venues. It’s not the first time Haley has contradicted the president.

And no, I didn’t hear Tucker’s piece.

And I agree. Thank you.

That is not what you originally said. Do not backtrack. Reread your talking points and leave the baloney

Thank you for that.

Yes I did. Here is my quote:

Haley lost me when she talked about removing the flag. Trump is all in saving that flag.

And removing the flag was what she was talking about in her speech.

What flag are you talking about???

The Confederate flag. She had it removed.

Why waste time on this fake stuff?

It’s entirely fake. It’s Manchurian Candidate fake.

China is Australia’s number 1 trading partner. India and Japan are important trading partners for Australia.

You can go back to Whitlam’s lead as opposition leader visiting China in 1971. Similarly, Keating’s recognised the needs and benefits of Australia engaging in the Asia-Pacific region during Labor’s time in office in the 1980s and 1990s.

Morrison has shown how out of his depth he is.

That poll was for 8/12 - 18, which was before most of the Democratic Convention.

It will be interesting what happens with upcoming polls.

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