Democrats see a convention bounce

Normally convention bounces favor the party with the convention, but the Democrats’ convention appears to have had the opposite effect. Trump’s approval rating went from 47% on August 17 to 51% today.

Did the convention’s dark and divisive narrative turn off voters?

51% is nothing to brag about.

And from Rasmussen, of all polls.

Trumplovers need to figure out if they trust polls or not.

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Trump by a landslide. Dem fail.



RCP Average:

Monday Aug. 17 Approve: 43.1% Disapprove: 54.5%
Monday Aug. 24: Approve: 43.7% Disapprove: 54.3%

So no big whoop.

Trump only quotes Rasmussen. Although it might be the only poll that his staff let’s him see.

Now you’re talking.

It’s catching on.

I’ve not see a noticeable bounce for Biden but Rasmussen approval rating polling does not indicate that there’s a bounce in the opposite direction

Yes it did!

I don’t think we will be seeing any boat parades for Joe anytime soon, I haven’t even seen a Biden flag.

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Rasmussen! :joy::rofl:

Ras is so so bad. Check their 2018 accuracy. Embarrassing. They kiss trumps ass, he retweets, they make $$$

I sincerely hope Trump supporters keep going by Rasmussen.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Missing the point. If you believe Rasmussen favors Trump too much, you can still compare his favorability with them now compared to past times. This is about as high as I have ever seen it with them, compared with their previous polls. And right after the Dem convention.

I wish there were a way to measure the enthusiasm factor for Biden. Can polls do negative numbers?

The Chinese were aware of negative numbers around 200-100 BC(E).

Interestingly enough, a comparison of Trump to Biden by Rasmussen is included in this poll below. Their poll has Biden 4 points ahead of Trump.

How does Rasmussen’s polling of Trump’s approval shift three to five points in a couple days so often?

Honestly, if I were Trump I’d be a lot more concerned about 51% being record high territory in my approval ratings.

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Democrat convention? (i.e. consider the alternative)

Rasmussen has been consistent as of late, hovering from around 47 - 51; this has been for about a month or more

One of these things is not like the others.