Democrats Scaremongering the Elderly AGAIN

Here we go, another election & it’s basically a throw granny over the cliff ad, only it’s coronavirus & social security.

Falsely accusing Trump of causing the spread of corona, he’s going to take away healthcare, & social security.

Obamacare is not the only possibility to having healthcare. It’s built on lies & never lowered costs. It can be done much better. Much.

He will did not, will not, & the lies scaring the elderly are shameful.


Yep. And it’s working too. Biden is up on Trump in the tapioca pudding demo by like twenty points.


LOL okay. Trump is the one saying he wants to cut the payroll tax which funds social security. It doesn’t take a rocket genius to put two and two together. His complete lack of compassion for people who die from covid also doesn’t help.


Trump has promised to make the payroll tax (SS / Medicare) permanent if reelected.

What do you think will happen to Social Security if the tax that funds it is removed permanently?

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I dunno, maybe “some of you will die but it’s a risk I’m willing to take” wasn’t the smartest political pitch to the over-65s.

As well as promising to abolish FICA.


It’s like let the grandparents die to save the economy tactic was not popular with the seniors.


Except Cuomo is actually killing them. Not Trump



In 2016 Trump was up by almost as much as he’s down with the pensioners in 2020. That’s like a forty point swing.

I’m a senior, and the message from this administration has been loud and clear to me and those like me who are the most susceptible to this deadly pandemic. Our lives in exchange for a bump in the stock market is a trade-off they will gladly accept.


Won’t last. Biden is going to lose it in the next debate.

I don’t live in New York.

I know several elderly people in GA who have died from COVID. Cuomo has nothing to do with GA’s COVID procedures.

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Hopefully Trump will show up at that debate.

The prediction was that he wasn’t showing up for any of them.

Thankfully we got past that

Yeah a thirty point swing in the last two weeks of a campaign screams possible.

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If Trump shows up, of course.

Yeah, Joe helped put taxes on Social Security twice, ran up the cost of health insurance X 4.

With the coming socialism, granny will be euthanized or limited on help, the economic destruction from socialism will cut off most all social programs except in name only because not only will the populace be broke, the government will be too.

Not a good scenario for the elderly!

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Chris Buckley (“Thank You for Smoking”, William’s son) wrote a funny book a decade ago called Boomsday about an incentive plan to get people to kill themselves before 75.

Pretty funny - perhaps some people got confused and thought it was a legit policy proposal.

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Old people are sick of Donald’s nonsense. Especially when it comes to covid. They are very very worried about that, because Donald’s opinion of the death toll is “it is what it is”. He can’t be bothered to care.

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