Democrats Lie, Americans die, but hey at least Joe's ahead

Crime drops during plagues. Most crimes are survival behaviors, and plagues, like wars and depressions, reorient survival behaviors.

There is one kind of crime that spikes during these cataclysmic events: organized crime

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I think that, based on what many doctors are claiming, that it has a level of effectiveness on some people. Perhaps not all. Again, let the people with the medical degrees and their patients decide if it’s worth a try.

Where are the cops engaged in sieges?

Everywhere. That is what militarized police do.

You want calm? Stand the milice down.

I haven’t heard anything about her at all. But if she is practicing medicine in the US, she has to have the same qualifications as any other doctor and I tend to believe she knows more about medicine than probably anyone in this forum bar none…

Harvey turned out to be real by the way…

Seriously, If a doctor had a history of some kind of mental illness I think they wouldn’t be doing my heart surgery to begin with. If it spontaneously manifested right before cutting open my chest of course I’d be alarmed. I hope all the other doctors and nurses in the room would intervene because I’d probably be going under anesthesia by then…

You do know that for real doctors who have dealt with this pandemic post here… right?

Listen to them… not this lunatic.

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Crime drops during plagues? Where is this happening? Looting and burning are survival behaviors? 4K TVs and 150 dollar pairs of tennis shoes become survival items?

Dr. Stella Immanuel, Trump’s doctor does NOT have a Medical Degree from an Acredited College in the USA. She got it from a college in Nigeria, she claims.

This is the “hospital” she is affiliated with. Note she even faked the sign on the photo.


Do you know what a siege is? When a mob occupies an area after forcing people out (like an entire precinct of police) THAT is a siege. Guarding property from being destroyed by said mob is NOT a siege by any definition. Mobs should never EVER be allowed to overrun police or citizens PERIOD! I’d personally like to see the law enforcement officers do the job they’re supposed to be doing but they can’t because the Democrat mayor’s won’t let them.

sigh… snoop

Yeshua wept…and so did I.
That display with those doctors was nothing more than a propaganda piece, nothing more. The only media outlet that covered the damn thing was Brietbart, not even FOX NEWS. That ALONE should easily throw the credibility of this nonsense out the window. Unfortunately the sheeple gonna sheep.


Actually, I don’t think the video I saw had that person in it, but since I don’t know what video you’re referencing, I don’t know.

The “current level of lawlessness” is being purposely inflated by the CEC so you’ll accept federal troops being sent in to cities to suppress graffiti on buildings.

Because “law and order” might be the only thing on which Trump wins.

Ha ha ha that’s awesome. I think she’s really affiliated with Starbucks or a dry cleaners. But hey, “I know nothing about her “

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You’re not making it up, you are the victim of bad intel.

I was all around NYC today and there were no mobs, no burning buildings, no violent mobs.

Do yourself a favor and step back from the TV and radio.

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And Portland was “under control”…UNTIL the Feds went in.

The Feds’ presence has made this worse, not better.

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Are you aware that Facebook allowed a man to post an actual threat to kill every person that works for American family radio. He said he was getting a group together to literally come and kill every last one of them. This was last year and AFR took the threat to the authorities. He was sentenced this week to 3 years in prison and then several years of probation. (I hope this threat against Christians bothers you) I bring this up because AFR contacted Facebook to have the mans post removed and they were told the threat wasn’t against Facebook’s policy. They appealed that decision and we’re given the same response.

I bring this up to point out that the hypocritical left has no credibility in criticising sources like Brietbart. The left is full of hypocrits who don’t give a ■■■■ about life, liberty or property of others. They have no credibility in their news sources and THEY are the ones causing and supporting the violence going on in the country.

Propaganda? That’s all that CNN, CNBC, ABD MSNBC SHOW. Not a bit of truth from them.

Yes, things were calming down until the Feds came in. This is a shameless ploy by the administration.

This is all so stupid


They weren’t posts.

They were Facebook messages.

No one would have seen them except AFR made them public.

Man is going to jail.

That’s not enough?


You do understand that it’s not just graffiti don’t you? Burning and graffiti not the same thing mkay?? Smashing windows, looting and throwing Molotov cocktails are not the same as graffiti.

You also understand that all of this was happening before the first federal officers were sent out right? It is because local Democrat mayor’s and Governors are encouraging the destruction and innocent people are being hurt and even killed and their properties are being destroyed that the federal officers were sent to begin with.

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