Democrats Lie, Americans die, but hey at least Joe's ahead

Anyone watching Tucker Carlson tonight? Apparently a video made by a group of doctors was put on the internet. The video had several doctors saying it is absolutely safe to reopen schools and saying that drugs like Hydroxychloroquine are extremely effective against Covid. It was pulled from the internet. Seems Google and Facebook aren’t happy with any type of hopeful news in an election year. While people die and cities burn, Democrats lie, and stoke the flames for no other reason than to get Trump out of office. This is what politics has come too for Democrats. The party of death just keeps getting more and more vile… And the media is complicit.

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This is all so incredibly stupid and i want it to stop.


Don’t start it please.

@Optrader , when you start off with a thread title like that, what kind of discussion are you looking for?

So why doesn’t Trump bypass all those shady social media outlets and just commandeer the public airwaves with this great information about how we are cured and all out of the woods? What’s he waiting for?

There will be even more deaths if people start believing hydroxychloriquine is a cure.

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Tucker is not a reliable source for anything beyond fearmongering, whackadoodle conspiracy theories, anti-intellectualism, and profiting wildly off telling most Trump supporters exactly what they want to hear.


Say there were a group of doctors that claimed that against what is known by medical studies is a “cure” for a disease.

Then one of those doctors turned out to super into leprechauns and fairies and claims that they are real and cause disease.

That would reflect poorly on the other doctors there. It would show that there was little discernment when arriving at a coalition of voices to push their agenda. It would be like they were only looking to increase their numbers no matter what because their medical opinion is in the minority and going against medical science.

Now this isn’t saying that they are wrong, but they have to have more evidence than anecdotes and recruiting fruit loops to amplify their medical opinion hurts their cause.

That is why the conservative media amplifying this is so hilarious


There’s backing a long shot horse and then there’s backing a horse that isn’t running in the race because it already broke a leg, was shot and is on its way to the glue factory. This is the latter situation.

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If she just happened to believe demons existed, then her credibility wouldn’t have suffered all that much.

It’s when she stated sex with demons cause illness and the vaccine was being developed with alien DNA to turn us atheist…comments that directly related to her field of study…that her credibility was completely hammered into oblivion…and the credibility of the doctors that chose to stand with her took a hit too.

That this even has to be explained is kind of ridiculous in and of itself.


Probably the usual. Censorship just pisses me off. Delete at your discretion…

Censorship? It’s still there.

Dude. You’re the one holding her up as someone to listen to.

True. As I said, delete at your discretion. Just blowing off steam…

Actually, she wasn’t the only one in the video and Hydroxychloroquine wasn’t the only topic. Kids going back to school was also discussed. One thing has nothing to do with the other

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That OP title has broadbrushing written all over it.

How about let treatments be decided between doctor and patient. Aren’t you all for that arrangement when it’s about abortion? BTW, where did you get you medical degree from and how many Covid patients have you treated?


Cities are burning. Crime is skyrocketing. People are DYING. Police care under siege and Democrat leaders are doing nothing. Am I making this up?

The fact that such an absolute lunatic was associated with this sucks all the air out of the room.

It is best left that this particular stunt dies and try again.

It is not a good look.

Cities aren’t burning. Crime is about where you might expect it during a plague, way down but with local spikes.

The cops are doing the sieging.

And we could get atop this plague if we wanted to. Eight weeks. That’s it.


You think I need a medical degree to find that information? You think Trump’s FDA put the kibosh on it because it works?