Democrats hero and possible presidential canidate Michael Avenatti

Has been found guilty for extortion.

Folks…this is what “real” extortion looks like.

Prosecutors said Avenatti threatened to hold a news conference to discuss Nike’s alleged improper payments to college basketball recruits if it did not pay him.

He’s still on trial two other cases for allegedly defrauding his legal clients.


Who said he was the Democrat’s hero?

My goodness, an actual case of corruption by an actual guilty party and they actually got convicted.


You really need to stop making up these false narratives. He is no Democrat hero

In a free society, extortion would not be a crime.

But that is a philosophical discussion for another day. :smile:

But fraud, regardless of type, definitely is and should be a crime.

EDIT TO ADD A CAVEAT: I am particularly referring to that subset of extortion known as blackmail, not other forms of extortion involving threats of violence.

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Perhaps he is just parroting what they are saying on the CEC today.

Attempted extortion! Did he collect the 25mill hmm hmmm


I guess he’s as much of a Democrat hero as Jeffrey Epstein is a Republican hero.

The deep state brought charges against him?

Oh man…didn’t libs here worship him while back…or I’m I mistaken. :thinking:

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He was their little darling when he was bringing clients forth that they though could hurt the president.

President unscathed (mostly)

Sleavebag lawyer, in jail for a long, long, looooooong time.

Thanks for that…I was thinking I might have been mistaken. :sunglasses:

Why yes yes he did.

However, his fall from grace came when he was arrested last year as he was about to meet Nike lawyers to press his demands for millions to conduct an internal probe of the Beaverton, Oregon-based shoemaker.

after making calls, he carried through and wanted to meet with them.

Well by George Conan you’re right.

The love affair libs had here for Avenatti was real

Oh my God…the love libs had for that guy. How are they going to explain this away?

But did he collect? :grin:

You were gravely mistaken.

Keep reading…I found a thread where libs here was fawning over him.

Which turned out to be true.


Yep. Justice is served.

You clearly didn’t read that thread.

Come on Conan!

That he was darling of the libs here?