Avenatti to hold 'resistance rally' in Texas the same night as Trump's campaign

Well, well, well… this should be interesting. Wonder how much coverage Fox will give it.

Lol this will be good.

Trump really only has a choice of three metro areas for his rally, Houston, Austin/San Antonio or Dallas/Fort Worth… Avenatti can probably put together a pretty big crowd in any of these locations… All are easily accessible for me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you go, can you post something about it? Would love to hear what happens.

Oh, I will go… I’ll bring pictures… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well trump certainly can’t call him “low energy”, he is everywhere…

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Thank you!

He’s running. And he’s got a very good chance of winning the nomination.

Avenatti is the D version of Trump.

Good for him.

So sick of how wimpy Dems are. Trump and all his unAmerican faux-patriotic fascist supporters need to be run out of town.

No he doesn’t. Not even close

No, the Dem version of Trump would be a raving moron who has ZERO intellectual curiosity and ZERO integrity.

Avenatti graduated FIRST in his class at law school.

Dems are wimpy?

So? I didn’t say he was stupid. I said he’s the D version of Trump.

Narcissist. Celebrity. Loud mouth. Shady business dealings.

And an Avenatti/Trump general would be as bad, if not worse, than the 2016 election was.

Dallas is a bit far for me, but the other two are very doable. Maybe this could be a good excuse for having a “Hannity forum never Trump, Texas edition, meet up.” :smile:


I know.

It is the last thing the country needs.

For the first time in my life, I wish I was in Texas.

Never Trump generally refers to conservatives though. People like @NebraskaFootball @Konssurvative1 @wonderingrover and myself.

But I wouldn’t vote for Beto or Avenatti either. Not a chance.

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Also not even close. Avenatti doesn’t brag about grabbing women by their ■■■■■■■, doesn’t insult every single person that has ever said something bad about him, isn’t owned by a foreign government and is not blatantly racist. While he may be an opportunist who is exploiting his client for his own gain the two aren’t remotely comparable.

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I’m up for it… We could turn the rally into a Never Trump tailgate party…

Yeah, I can really relate to this tweet (said in response to a guy wearing an Avenatti 2020 shirt.)

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