Democrats Have Always Destroyed the Economy

only the ones who dont understand how it works

Real work is actually voting on the bills that arrive on your desk, not ignore them. Doesnt matter if they are partisan or not, its his job to introduce them for a vote

More partisan nonsense.
Both Republicans and Democrats have not done what they’re suppose to do as it relates to the economy. There are some decent ideas from both sides of the aisle, however those ideas are bog down with political/partisan BS.
We as a country are making some terrible mistakes by yielding opportunities of huge economic impact to China and other competitors and it’s been a bipartisan effort. So to blame one party over the other is nothing but partisan drivel

So please…save your fonts for a part 2

The CRA had a negligible effect on the housing crash of 2008

I know people like to pin more of the blame on it than it warrants to fit into an anti government position, but the data just doesn’t support that position.

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Good Article


According to mining experts, Bear Lodge is home to one of the richest and highest-grade rare earth deposits in the U.S., with an estimated 18 million tons of rare earth inside. Scott thinks there could be more than that. “It’s an enormous, and enormously important, deposit,” he says.

No they don’t. Just about every important economic indicator showed the economy was stalling out in Obama’s last year.

See my other thread:

Sorry, but they do. Democrat policies by nature are destructive. They don’t know how to formulate tax policy to grow the economy. They use it more to be Robin Hood, stealing from the successful and giving to the losers. Democrats socialism, which is now full throttle, is nothing BUT destructive.

Democrats can only offer third world status, along with sexual pervert marriage and the slaughter of babies. The GOP offers what the founding fathers based this nation on, Liberty and Freedom and as limited a government as is possible. THAT is the formula for growth and success.

Cool opinion. Look again at the math.

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Doesn’t compare to what lies on the bottom of the ocean, plus is difficult and destructive to extract. The nodules on the ocean floor are composed of pure metal and

It is estimated that there is more nickel, more cobalt, and more manganese than on the rest of the planet.

Less than half the population has a 401k.

Wage stagnation started around 73

To measure a trend, you need to select a time interval. Those who find evidence of wage stagnation are typically comparing wages today to those in the 1970s—usually 1973 or 1979. 1973 is a favored starting point because this is when many analysts see a gap opening up between productivity and pay.Sep 10, 2019

So what’s your theory why and time period of mid 70’s when we started seeing this stagnation?

I know what you’re going to say…decline of unions. But I have another theory.

Here are some interesting stats here.

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The rest of your post is spot on. But to be more accurate, it was the Bush-Clinton-WBush Great recession, with heavy influence from Reaganomics.

We are now in Reaganomics in pretty much full adaption. And it sucks.

(really, really good for some, as the wealthy, are now incredibly wealthy)

Nice set of talking points, I notice you are not contesting the facts I offered.

To give one more example: tax policy to grow the economy. Both the Bush and Trump tax cuts were absolute fizzles in terms of growth… compare to Clinton’s 1993 tax increase. All the Republicans predicted economic doom, but the return to fiscal responsibility set the groundwork in which firms were willing to invest.


Off of Japan islands is largest deposits discovered. Now they just need to find environmental safe way of mining/extracting it.

Now there is a fair, macro view on the topic. Lets also throw in women entering the work force. Like it or not, when you practically double the pool of available workers that affects wages

Putting aside causality, which is a complex matter here, you are absolutely correct, the dominant trend of the past forty years has been massive income redistribution. Wealth has flowed away from blue collar and white collar Americans (and Europeans) and to the very wealthy (globally) and into the creation of middle classes in several Asian nations.

Donald Trump has succeeded in convincing many of the people on the short end of the stick that this is due to immigration and trade deals… convenient explanations but mainly distractions from the prevailing trends.


The growth of the workforce was much greater than that: prior to 1970’s how many Americans were in competition for work with workers in China, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Korea etc. etc.?

Nope. Job growth under Obama was almost all part time crap jobs. In other words, worthless. Too little support a person and to little to bring income taxes back to the government. Jobs under Obama were a farce, a little fact that Fake News neglected to mention as they drooled over the Kenyan Socialist

Well, that is yet another factor too.

That and largest work force was still entering it’s work force…the baby boomers. Which started around 1965 and reached it peak around 1980.